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Certified Interviewing and Hiring Professional online tutorials

Vskills certification for Interviewing and Hiring Professional assess candidates in various skill areas. In this certification, you will learn the best techniques to hire the best resources for your organization. Manning an organization is the very important task and forms the backbone of management. Interviews, in this process helps to know and judge the candidate’s behavior and communication skills to a certain extend.

HR professionals are very much demanded as companies now focus more on to hiring best possible human resources as possible. Certifications also help to prove your dedication and commitment towards your aim and profession. Let us get into details of this valuable certification.

Roles and responsibilities

A person in HR department is responsible for various tasks like HR Planning, staffing, hiring, training and development of employees etc. Vskills certification for Interviewing and Hiring assess candidates in various skill areas. After gaining this certification, you will learn and will be able to apply the best techniques to hire the best resources for your organization.

Content areas covered in the path include how to screen and review applicants’ resumes effectively by using the job description as a guide, and how to prepare well for an interview. The path also describes how to carry out the actual interview, including a behavioral-based interview. Finally, it covers how to evaluate candidates in a structured and objective way.

Why to take this certification?

Vskills Certification in Interviewing and Hiring will provide foundational knowledge in the hiring and interviewing process. It focuses on developing an understanding of why effective hiring is key to any organization’s success.

Intended Audience

Anyone who wants to develop or refine their hiring and interviewing skills, especially professionals working in hiring roles of an organization.  

Benefits of Certification

Certification Process

  1. Select Certification & Register
  2. Receive a.) Online e Learning Access (LMS)    b.) Hard copy – study material
  3. Take exam online anywhere, anytime
  4. Get certified & Increase Employability

Test Details

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • No. of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  • There is NO negative marking in this module.
  • Online exam.

Exam Objectives

This exam revolves around these following objectives –

Strategic Staffing

  • What is Strategic Staffing?
  • Comparison between Strategic and Traditional Staffing
  • Components of Strategic Staffing
  • Goals of Strategic Staffing
  • Functional Areas of HRM

Staffing Strategies

  • Business Strategies of a Firm
  • Talent Management
  • Strategic Staffing Decision

Interviewing Basics

  • What is a Interview
  • Interview Types
  • Why to Interview

Interviewing Biases

  • The Confirmation Bias
  • The First Impression Bias
  • The Halo and Horn Effect
  • The Contrast Bias
  • Ways to Become an Honest and Objective Interviewer

Screening Applicants

  • Understanding Screening
  • Why to Screen
  • CV or Resumes Screening
  • Application Form or Resumes
  • Rating Resumes
  • Relevance of Job Description
  • Identifying Red Flags during Screening
  • Best Practices

Preparing to Interview

  • Planning for the Interview
  • Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid
  • Active Listening
  • Taking Notes
  • Unfair Practices

Conducting an Effective Interview

  • Opening Effectively
  • The Right Questions
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Close an Interview Effectively

Behavioral Interview

  • Behavioral-based Interviewing
  • Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Preparing and Conducting a behavioral interview
  • Developing Behavioral-based Questions
  • The STAR Method
  • BARS (Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales)
  • Applying Behavioral Questions

Selecting the Right Candidate

  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Checking Candidates’ References
  • Offering the Job

Group Interviewing

  • What is a Group Interview?
  • Benefits and Disadvantages
  • Types of Group Interviews
  • Why to use Group Interview?
  • Skills to Assess in a Group Interview
  • Group Interview Questions
  • Tips for successful group interviews

Assessing Skills and Competencies

  • Assessment Methods
  • Assessing Soft Skills
  • Assess Planning Skills
  • Assess Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Assess Interpersonal Skills

Interviewing Trends and Future

  • Emerging Trends
  • Video Interviews
  • Social Recruiting
  • Recruitment Automation
  • Data-driven recruiting and HR Analytics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Gig Economy
  • Artificial Intelligence

Preparatory resources for Certified Interviewing and Hiring Professional

Cracking this exam can be difficult for the first time. But with the right set of resources and hard work you can ace the exam in one go. So, you should be very careful while choosing the resources. There are unlimited resources for preparation that you can use. Make sure to pick the apt resources out of the unlimited resources available, as they will determine how well will you pass the exam. Let us look at some resources that can be beneficial –

Certified Interviewing and Hiring Professional study guide

Step 1 – Review the exam objectives 

Knowing about the objectives of the exam is very important as the whole exam is going to revolve around the objectives. The first and foremost thing before you start preparing is to get well versed with the objectives of the exam. Exam objectives let you define the framework for preparation and the path that has to be followed in order to pass with flying colors. This exam revolves around following objectives –

  • Strategic Staffing
  • Staffing Strategies
  • Interviewing Basics
  • Interviewing Biases
  • Screening Applicants
  • Preparing to Interview
  • Conducting an Effective Interview
  • Behavioral Interview
  • Selecting the Right Candidate
  • Group Interviewing
  • Assessing Skills and Competencies
  • Interviewing Trends and Future

Refer – Certified Interviewing and Hiring Professional Brochure

Step 2 – Hitting the books

book cover
book cover

You can choose the books that is comfortable to your reading habits and which you understand well. Books are the best valued resources and first resource that comes to our mind when we thin of preparing for any exam. You can find multiple books online or can refer to libraries and bookstores. There are even fantastic books online that can be very useful in preparation. Some books that you can refer are–

Interviewing And Selecting High Performers: A Practical Guide for Effective Hiring (Paperback – 1999)

Successful Interviewing And Recruitment

Step 3 – E-Learning and Study Materials

Vskills offers you its E-Learning Study Material to supplement your learning experience and exam preparation. They are prepared by the experts of the subject matter and are reliable enough. These online classes and instructor led courses are one of the most interactive ways of preparing the exam. Learning for the exam can be fun if you have right set of resources matching your way of studying. Many reliable sites provide with the very nice instructors and excellent content for the preparation. As we all are habitual of classroom teaching, these classes can serve as close substitute with an advantage of attending the class anywhere.

Refer – Certified Interviewing and Hiring Professional sample chapter

Step 4 – Evaluate yourself with practice tests

Your practice is an important determiner of how well you pass the exam. Take as many practice tests and test series as you can. They will help you in determining the level of your preparation, identify your loopholes and identify the weak portions you need to work more upon. There are so many reliable educational sites that provide with amazing content and help you in achieving excellence. Try a free practice test now!

Certified Interviewing and Hiring Professional free test
Interviewing and Hiring Interview Questions

Checkout these latest online interview questions on Interviewing and hiring to prepare for any job interview. The questions are created by domain experts, to help you to overcome the job interview obstacle.

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