Brand Equity Management System

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Brand Equity Management System

A brand equity measurement system is a set of research procedures that is designed to provide timely, accurate, and actionable information to marketers so that they can make the best possible tactical decisions in the short run and strategic decisions in the long-run.

Marketers have various tools at their disposal to build a strong consumer based brand equity. Through this tool, they have developed many strategically important marketing communication programs. It is important for survival of brand to understand how effective these programs have been. If these programs have been able to induce a positive image and increased brand knowledge among consumer then, it can be concluded that strategy employed is successful. A deliberate effort has to be carried out to measure success of marketing communication programs. This deliberate effort should be in direction of effective and efficient measurement system and also ways to manage these systems.

There are two ways forward in designing measurement system.

  • One such measurement system relies on indirect method, where in emotional level changes in consumer are sorted and recorded.
  • Other system rather relies on direct measurement method where in consumer response towards brand in terms of sales etc are measured and analyzed.

A system design to effectively measure source and outcome of branding strategies there by providing a set of information, which can be delivered to concern decision makers to act on, is called a brand equity measurement system.

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