Appointment Of Licensing Officer And Licensing Of Contractors

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Appointment of licensing officer and licensing of contractors

The Act contains provisions for licensing of contractors appointment of licensing officer and licensing of contractors.  Also, apart from registration of establishments employing contract labour. Thus, under section 11 of the Act, it empowers the appointment of Gazetted Officers to be licensing officers by the appropriate Government. And define the limits of their jurisdiction. Also, orders regarding the appointment of licensing officers. And also notify in the Official Gazette the limits of their jurisdiction.Appointment Of Licensing Officer And Licensing Of Contractors

Licensing of contractors

No contractor to whom the Act applies, under Section 12 of the Act, can undertake or execute any work through contract labour. Except under license issued in that behalf by the licensing officer. Thus, such conditions including, fixation of wages in particular, conditions as to hours of work and other essential amenities in respect of contract labour, the license may contain. As the appropriate Government may deem fit to impose in accordance with the rules framed under the Act.

The license shall be issued on the payment of prescribed fee and on the deposit of security, if any, for the due performance of the conditions prescribed in the license. Also, the licensee fee ranges from Rs. 5 to Rs. 125 depending on the number of workmen employed by the contractor. The license is not-transferable.

Grant of license

An application for the grant of the license has to be made in the prescribed form. Thus, it should contain particulars regarding the location of the establishment, nature of the process, operation or work for which contract labour is to be employed and such other particulars as may be prescribed. Therefore, the license is issued after a necessary investigation by the licensing officer. It is valid for the period specified therein.

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