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Here I am going to discuss Application Preferences. For those who are unaware of it, Application preferences refers to the configurations that shows up in the Settings. So if you want you application name to be listed inside Settings, you need to follow the procedure.

Lets first discuss what are the available options. Since we know in iPhone all applications work in a sandbox mode, we can not write a program to alter the behavior of another program. What it means here is, there are fixed UI Elements that can be used in Application preferences, their behavior is also fixed and cannot be changed. For example a you cannot provide a date picker in the settings, you cannot pop up a message saying the URL you entered is not correct. All you can do is provide a field where user can enter his preferences.
screen-capture 1
Following is a list of options we have for UI elements that we can provide:
  1. PSTitleValueSpecifier: Used to write titles, similar to UILabel
  2. PSTextFieldSpecifier: Similar to UITextField
  3. PSToggleSwitchSpecifier: A toggle switch which can be ON or OFF
  4. PSSliderSpecifier: A slider which can be used to provide a value bw MAX and MIN
  5. PSMultiValueSpecifier: Shows multiple values from which user can select one.
  6. PSGroupSpecifier: Very important for layout (discussed later).
  7. PSChildPaneSpecifier: When you need to have another page of configurations.
All these elements can be used in the settings and you can read as well as manipulate them from your code.

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