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Annual Review Interview Techniques

New managers need to ask.

  • “How could quality, quantity, speed, timeliness, and/or cost effectiveness be measured?
  • “Who could judge that the element was done well and what factors do they look for?

Also, managers must ensure that measurement and tracking is done routinely. Good performance measures enable employees to know about their performance, intimates the changes or improvements require for them.  It is important to create a performance review process to mitigate misrepresentation.

Making the Review Process Valid

Managers can make the review process fair and productive for both the organization and the employee by the following process.

  • Establish clear and results oriented performance goals and objectives.
  • Limit key performance expectations to keep the performance review process focused and easier to manage.
  • Set out a standard that truly makes a contribution.
  • A valid method of measuring employee performance is used to establish performance expectations.
  • Rate the employee’s performance following the set standards and avoid irrelevant issues.
  • Good performance measures enable employees to know about their performance and encourage improving their performance. It also gives opportunity to the employee to explain his views about the ratings, standards, rating methods, internal and external causes for low level of performance.
  • The purpose of a performance appraisal interview is broadly the following.
  • Provides an opportunity for employees to express themselves on various issues.
  • Helps employees do a better job by clarifying what is expected of them.
  • Let employees know where they stand.
  • Strengthens the superior-subordinate working relationship by developing a mutual agreement of goals.
  • Plans opportunities for development and growth.

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