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What Is Security?

The first thing that we must do to facilitate our discussion of Java security is to discuss just what Java’s security goals are. The term “security” is somewhat vague unless it is discussed in some context; different expectations of the term “security” might lead us to expect that Java programs would be

  • Safe from malevolent programs : Programs should not be allowed to harm a user’s computing environment. This includes Trojan horses as well as harmful programs that can replicate themselves–computer viruses.
  • Non-intrusive : Programs should be prevented from discovering private information on the host computer or the host computer’s network.
  • Authenticated: The identity of parties involved in the program should be verified.
  • Encrypted: Data that the program sends and receives should be encrypted.
  • Audited: Potentially sensitive operations should always be logged.
  • Well-defined: A well-defined security specification would be followed.
  • Verified: Rules of operation should be set and verified.

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