Dreamweaver Interview Questions

Dreamweaver is a proprietary web development tool from Adobe. As a Dreamweaver professional you might have faced these interview questions, if not then you may face them in your next job interview.

Q.1 What is a characteristic of text rendered in the style of the tt tag
It is rendered in a typewriter font.
Q.2 Which two tags are used when defining a client-side image map’s name and hot spots?
Map and area tags are used when defining a client-side image map’s name and hot spots.
Q.3 What is interlacing?
Interlacing is a process to display multiple levels of clarity, from blurry to clear.
Q.4 Fix the following code if any error.
html hypertext markup language is the authoring language used to create documents for the World Wide Web.
html hypertext markup language is the authoring language used to create documents for the world wide web.
Q.5 What effect does happen on a element if, left and right margin is given 'auto' value
Available margin is split equally
Q.6 What Is Dreamweaver?
Dreamweaver is a software application for the web page designing; it is a wholly highlighted HTML web and programming editor.
Q.7 Explain Dreamweaver user interface.
The Dreamweaver user interface includes the insert menu, main menu, document menu, and work area, with all the panels, properties inspector, and windows we view on opening the application.
Q.8 What are the 2 focus windows of the Dreamweaver workspace?
In Windows, Dreamweaver gives an all-in-one-window unified layout. In the combined workspace, all panels and windows are mixed into a single larger application window.
Q.9 Explain which graphic format we cannot insert into our Web Page?
In Dreamweaver, we cannot insert the BMP format into our web page.
Q.10 What are the characteristics of Dreamweaver?
Fast, compliant coding. Creating, coding, and maintaining websites becomes very simple due to the simplified coding engine. Setup to site up in some steps.
Q.11 Explain how we can make a template in the Dreamweaver?
Make sure that our web page is as usual with the structure of the site Once the structure is made we have to go to File and tap on Save As Template, specify a name to the template, and snap-on Save The template will be stored in various layouts for several sections of our site Now we can make parts of the template editable so that we can add content and add information to it
Q.12 What are the several types of modes in the Dreamweaver?
Dreamweaver has 3 separate view modes: "Split" view, "Code" view, and "Design" view. "Code" view enables us to recognize the code of our project, "Design" view lets us see the resulting design and the "Split" view lets us see both.
Q.13 In Dreamviewer, is it possible to convert layers to tables and tables to layers?
Yes, in Dreamviewer, it is reasonable to transform layers to tables and tables to layers.
Q.14 Explain the parts of the Dreamweaver workspace.
The start workspace in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver workspace. Switching views practicing the View menu options. Document resize options. Document toolbar, etc.
Q.15 Is Dreamweaver a framework?
No, the Dreamweaver is not a structure but an application. It is sort of a hybrid but leans more heavily towards an application.
Q.16 Define document window.
The Document Window is the region where all pages are designed and shapes can be placed. During both the editing and play methods, the Document Window consists of 2 different panels vertically arranged, with the upper large council being the area for the currently displayed page.
Q.17 Explain Dreamweaver Layers.
Dreamweaver layers are DHTML elements and are similar to tables with some distinct properties. Like tables, they are vessels where we keep text or images.
Q.18 Is Dreamweaver still used in 2020?
Many various ways but Dreamweaver is out-of-date. Not due to Squarespace though, widely due to CSS Frameworks, Jamstack, HTML5 specs, Javascript frameworks like Vue, React, Node, NPM, etc, and the modular method that has developed.
Q.19 Mention which panel is employed to modify the event that triggers an image swap?
To modify the event that triggers an image swap, we have to practice the behavior panel.
Q.20 Do experts Web developers practice Dreamweaver?
Businesses that have the Creative Suite may use Dreamweaver due to it is part of the suite, but it is customarily most protected to edit in code view instead of relying on the WYSYWYG editor. When styling in design view it can be moderately easy to give sloppy code.
Q.21 Can we use the Dreamweaver without coding?
We won't require any coding abilities to get commenced, just the capacity to understand the basics of what we are doing. But, if we want to build a site with a lot of extra features, then we will require a basic familiarity and level of comfort with code to help us get there.
Q.22 Explain how to utilize Dreamweaver behaviors to play sound?
For the sound to be played, we should click or Rollover, the 1st step is to make a link. With the ‘#’ symbol, we can build a simple text link The next step is to attach behavior to the link. Open the behaviors board by tapping on behaviors/windows and click on the ‘+’ figure in behaviors panel. Then snap on ‘Play Sound’. Browse to find the sound we want to play and then click ‘OK’.
Q.23 Is Dreamweaver an editor?
Dreamweaver consolidates a visual design surface, which is known as Live View, and a code editor with characteristics such as code completion, code collapsing, and syntax highlighting.
Q.24 How do we modify the layout in the Dreamweaver?
Every layout emphasizes panels, toolbars, and characteristics in configurations that Dreamweaver has managed to be effective and efficient. If we want to modify the layout, we can do so by going to the Window in the menu bar, then selecting the Workspace Layout.
Q.25 Explain how validator works in dreamweaver?
The validator in DreamWeaver operates similarly to a word processor spelling and grammar check highlights. The validator practices a selection of code archives and browses all the code on the web page to recognize problems with code tags.
Q.26 What are the types of views are there in the Dreamweaver?
Design view Code view Split view Live view Live code Inspect mode
Q.27 Mention what does asterisk after the file name in the document title bar indicates?
At end of the file name in the document, the asterisk intimates that there are a few unsaved additions or deletions made to the page.
Q.28 Does Dreamweaver support PHP?
Dreamweaver maintains PHP versions 5.6 and 7.1. We can decide to compile our site's PHP files with the PHP version 5.6 or 7.1 utilizing the Site Setup dialog box, or application preferences.
Q.29 Is Dreamweaver good for beginners?
As we can see Dreamweaver is an amazingly flexible website maker. With its easy-to-use user interface, and built-in code editor we can establish any kind of website we crave. Since it's such a handy tool it's generally practiced by beginners, all the way up to advanced web developers.
Q.30 How Dreamweaver is distinct from HTML?
Dreamweaver is software, and HTML/CSS are programming languages. HTML is the central core design of the webpage and CSS can be conceived of as the "interior designer" of that skeletal structure. Dreamweaver incorporates a CSS editor and an HTML editor as a united development environment.
Q.31 Explain Dreamweaver Behavior.
Dreamweaver behavior is a means to append scripting events to the components on our web page.
Q.32 How to create a Dreamweaver Behavior?
Check for a specific browser version Open a new browser window Play a sound Write a popup message Change text elements Call a custom JavaScript script etc.
Q.33 Does Dreamweaver support Python?
No. It gives no benefits over a conventional IDE or a text editor with syntax highlighting like Sublime Text 2. It is outdated and bloated. If we want to do web improvement, there are no benefits either, since Python will provide a template, but we won't draft those templates in Python.
Q.34 Explain how can we create a mailto form in the Dreamweaver?
First, create the form After that Set the form properties Add the form fields Make sure to incorporate a submit button and action is “Submit Form” Save the file Test it once you have uploaded it to the webserver
Q.35 Is Dreamweaver a PHP code editor?
Dreamweaver is a modern PHP Development Tool. A website built with DreamWeaver can be uploaded to any web server.
Q.36 What are the benefits of Dreamweaver?
Ease and effectiveness of use. The capacity to create consistent-looking web pages. Maintaining and updating websites completely. Easy to upload using FTP. Customizable software.
Q.37 Is Dreamweaver good than HTML?
Dreamweaver is one of the various programs applied to as Code Editors or HTML. The WYSIWYG editor makes it advancing to those just beginning out with HTML, the relying on that can make sloppy code. More exceptional users are more likely to practice other editing programs or to operate purely in the code view.
Q.38 What is 1 way we can change the color of the text in Dreamweaver 4.0?
Highlight the text and pick a new color with Color Picker in the Properties panel.
Q.39 How do we indent a paragraph in HTML?
Any extra lines of text in the paragraph are not ordered. We can indent using a percentage. For instance, rather than indenting by 40px (pixels), we could replace the indent with 5% to indent text by 5% of the modern view. We can also practice an em space when determining the width of an indent.
Q.40 How do we make a paragraph in Dreamweaver?
Dreamweaver works likewise to various word processing applications: we press Enter or Return to make a new paragraph. Web browsers automatically include a blank line of space among paragraphs. We can add a single line of space among paragraphs by including a line break.
Q.41 What happens when the content in tags is observed with 3.0 versions of netscape?
The content arrives in the same location as wherever the
tags appear in the code.
Q.42 How do we indent on Dreamweaver?
Set the insertion point in the paragraph we want to indent. Select Format > Indent or Outdent, or select List > Indent or Outdent from the context menu.
Q.43 Is Dreamweaver a text editor?
Dreamweaver is a proprietary web development tool. It gives us easier, faster ways to create, and advertise websites and web applications that look good on any size screen. Adobe Dreamweaver and Sublime Text can be described as "Text Editor" tools.
Q.44 What does the asterisk after the file name in the document title bar signify?
It signifies unsaved additions or deletions were presented to the page.
Q.45 How do we change the color of the text in Dreamweaver?
To modify the font settings, text color, background color, and page borders for an entire page, choose Modify→Page Properties. The Appearance category of the Page Properties dialog box appears. In the Page Font drop-down list, define the fonts we want for the text on our page.
Q.46 How can we bold the font style in Dreamweaver?
Move the pointer to Mini toolbar above the selection and click Bold. Click Bold in the Font group on the Home tab. Type the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+B.
Q.47 What are the reasons for establishing a local site in Dreamweaver?
To allow Dreamweaver to make relative links among documents To facilitate Dreamweaver to display all our sites files in the ‘Files Panel’ To allow Dreamweaver to manage link checking between documents
Q.48 How do we create a colored box in Dreamweaver?
Click "Background" in the left-hand column. Click the "Background Color" color box. Click the color that we want to employ for the box.
Q.49 Where is the insert panel in the Dreamweaver?
The Dreamweaver Insert panel provides immediate access to several of the most beneficial HTML components. The popup at top of the dialog box organizes characteristics into categories. This panel has several levels of tools for components that we might want to easily and quickly add to a page.
Q.50 How do we create bullets in Dreamweaver?
Work the Unordered List button in Property Inspector to make a bulleted list. Then, click the Ordered List switch to the right of Unordered List button. The bullets adjust to the sequential numbers.
Q.51 What is DOM panel in the Dreamweaver?
The DOM panel provides an interactive HTML tree for dynamic and static content. This view assists us in visually map components in Live View with the HTML markup and the concerned selectors in the CSS Designer. We can also do edits to the HTML construction in the DOM panel and see the modifications take effect instantly in the Live View.
Q.52 What are the components of form?
The primary components of form are the point, the plane, the line, and the volume. The Point designates a point in space. A point spread becomes a Line with (1-D) properties of direction, length, position.
Q.53 What is the spry in Dreamweaver?
Dreamweaver gives us passage to widgets. These widgets are known as the Spry Framework for AJAX. The Spry Structure for AJAX is a JavaScript archive that we can utilize to supplement interactive characteristics, such as collapsible, dropdown menus, tabbed panels, and design validation characteristics. We will find Spry in the Insert panel.
Q.54 What is a spry menu bar?
The Spry Menu Bar is a widget that makes a navigation menu utilizing nested lists.
Q.55 What are the advantages of utilizing the Spry Menu Bar?
When the mouse pointer hovers a menu bar, a submenu arises. Menu bars allow for a number of menu options to be obtained from a clean, uncluttered main menu. The interactivity they give when a visitor hangs the mouse pointer over a menu option supplements a dynamic element to the web page.