Telesales Executive

Are you looking for a job in Telesales job? If yes, then do checkout these top interview questions to prepare for the job.

Q.1 Suppose if a customer needs to put the call on hold but they are not agreeing on this. What will you do?
  • Firstly, request the customer that it is important that he is put on hold. Make sure to do this in a polite way.
  • Secondly, clear out the objective because of which the line needs to be put on hold.
  • Thirdly, if the customer is very persistent on being online as a co-employee for retrieving the information that needs you to put the line on hold. During this be online and keep the customer attended.
  • Lastly, you can also ask the customer for disconnecting the line for now and register for a callback.
Q.2 What are the basic steps to be considered during the call?
  • Firstly, greet the customer politely.
  • Secondly, introduce yourself to the customer.
  • Thirdly, make clear the objective of the call
  • Then, provide complete information about the product or business you are promoting.
  • After that, make the customer understand how the objective of the call can be beneficial for them.
  • Lastly, close the call with a warm endnote.
Q.3 Why you want to be a telesales representative?
I consider myself as someone with good communication skills over the phone and with the ability to generate sales lead. I have great listening skills and can work well with different types of personalities on the phone.
Q.4 What if you hear NO many times in this job. How will you act on this?
I will try to keep the math on your mind, and simply keep focusing on closing some deals. Moreover, I have to keep in mind that the customers do not reject me, after all, they reject just your offer. This is all part of the job.
Q.5 This job is quite tedious or say boring. How will you motivate yourself to work every day?
In many telesales jobs, you will repeat the same script and words with every customer. Here, you can answer that you prefer doing repetitive work as there no tension of thinking as we will get the prepared scripts and sales pitches. Moreover, we have to work on the same scripts but will work with all kinds of prospects with new voices every day.
Q.6 What techniques will use for selling something?
Suppose if I am selling a pen, then, is important to tell the features like for what purpose they need it–writing at school, at work, signing letters, or just for image–and then start your talk from there, saying how the product matches the purpose.
Q.7 What is an Auto Dialler?
This refers to an electronic device or software used by Telemarketer for dialing phone numbers automatically.
Q.8 What is cold calling?
Cold calling can be considered as a Tele calling method in which customers are called for business interaction which he or she is not expecting.
Q.9 What is spamming?
This refers to random bulk messages or calls conducted for the purpose of telemarketing.
Q.10 What do you understand about the Do-Not-Call list/registry?
This is a list of phone numbers that call centers cannot call unless they have a long business relationship with the owner of the number. However, it is vital to check the DND status in the outbound call.
Q.11 What factors make a call successful?
  • Firstly, ensure that the first impression of the call is good and polite during the full call.
  • Secondly, behave professionally.
  • Thirdly, it is very important to be dedicated to a call, the opposite can be identified very easily on a call.
  • Then, make sure to clear the objective of the call before you make one.
  • Lastly, it is not always important to sell over the phone instead connect with the customer and make the deal in the business place.
Q.12 Describe some of the effective listening strategies in Telemarketing?
Some of the effective listening strategies can be: Setting personal goals Being motivated Listening actively Understanding yourself Being yourself Never losing the personal touch Your attitude Be willing to listen Paying attention Asking questions Sending appropriate feedback.
Q.13 Explain the categories and sub-categories of Telemarketing.
Marketing can be categorized into categories which include: B2B - business to business B2C - business to customer Generating lead - Process of identifying a potential customer to make a sale. Sales - Selling products Outbound - Calls are made to the customers. Inbound - Calls are received from the customer.
Q.14 What are the qualities of Direct Marketing?
The qualities of direct marketing : Firstly, the customers are pre-targeted. Secondly, customers are addressed directly. Thirdly, there is the scalable response of direct marketing. Thirdly, it has an action-driven process Lastly, free of business size.
Q.15 Explain the issues that can arise from pay per appointment.
This can be: Poor quality. The rate of conversion is low. Suppliers face a lot of problems. Quality is deteriorated by quantity. Requirements for more meetings are not solved. High competition.
Q.16 List some of the common telemarketing fraud.
Some of the common telemarketing fraud are: Charity purpose. Asking for advance payment or fee. A false representation of office supplies. Fake verification calls. Fraud by over-capturing increased payments. Bank-related frauds. Lottery
Q.17 How to stop unwanted calls?
Telemarketing calls made to a number that has been listed on the federal registry for three months, or which are on a company's “Do Not Call” list, violate Vermont law. However, if you get a call from a telemarketer that violates Vermont law, you have the right to sue the telemarketer for actual damages or $500 for a first violation.
Q.18 Is there a ban on all Telemarketing calls?
Fixed calls are not covered by the federal registration law, including calls from political organizations, charities, telephone surveyors, and companies from which you have bought something or received a delivery in the past 18 months. And, if you do not want to get calls from companies that fall into any of these groups, you can tell the company or charity to put your phone number on their own “Do Not Call” list.
Q.19 What is the time duration for putting up a campaign?
One working week is good enough for preparing the data, briefing the telemarketer, and ensuring everything are in place to start.
Q.20 Who is responsible for making campaign calls?
Depending on the experience, companies put their best telemarketer on every job, and they will stay on it until the campaign finishes or a decision is made to move another person on to it depending on the level of success both good and bad.
Q.21 How many calls do a telemarketer make in a day?
A good telemarketer will make between average calls of around 100-115 in a day, depending on the level of decision-maker. However, you can expect between 20 and 45 decision-maker contacts a day.
Q.22 What is the process of campaign results?
On a daily basis, companies split the data into several sections. The main section will remain as it is, but they copy and paste things like Appointments, Short Term Leads, Long Term Leads, Info requests, and clients to deal with, into separate sections for easy access. This process is done in Excel.
Q.23 What if people want the details of the product? How to check if they genuinely want to buy or not?
This can happen a lot, you get to recognize which are genuinely interested and which are timewasters simply by asking a few questions before you end the call. However, many of the products we promote are things that people will not hand a credit card over for, they tend to be in the thousands of pounds. So, take consideration before making a decision. Always have something you can send that will add on to a potential client.
Q.24 What is a Telezapper?
The TeleZapper is the only product that releases a signal that "tells" predictive dialer computers your number is disconnected. However, unlike answering machines or caller ID, once the TeleZapper's tone is released, your number is removed from the computer's call list. This in turn lets fewer and fewer annoying telemarketing calls.
Q.25 How will I identify if I zapped someone?
If you answer your telephone and there's no one on the other side, the odds are that you just "zapped" a telemarketer. After some weeks, you'll notice that you are receiving fewer and fewer of these calls.
Q.26 What is the process of telezapper to zap telemarketers?
TeleZapper utilizes the technology of telemarketers' automatic dialing equipment against them. That is to say, when you or your answering machine picks up a call, the TeleZapper releases a special tone that "fools" the computer into thinking your number is disconnected. Rather than connecting you to a salesperson, the computer stores your number as disconnected in its database.
Q.27 How did the number get on the telemarketing lists?
You can get on telemarketing lists in various ways: By having a listed telephone number. Via a reverse phone book organized by neighborhood. When you dial an 800 number that uses an Automatic Number Identification System (ANI) for recording your number Through credit information services, such as Equifax, etc. Even by simply paying your monthly bills. By ordering products or services from direct marketers or catalogs, whether you order through the mail or from websites By printing or including your telephone number on your personal checks.
Q.28 What is the process of Telemarketing calls?
There are many telemarketing call centers globally with the majority of telemarketing calls being dialed by a computer known as an auto dialer or predictive dialer. Predictive dialers can dial up to 3-5 numbers simultaneously and can make as many as 500,000 calls between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. However, when you answer your phone, the computer connects you to a live telemarketer who tries to sell you something. And, anyhow you didn’t pick the call then your number will be put back in the database to be called again later.
Q.29 What are mailshots?
Mail shots can be considered as the cheapest way of achieving few results. Commonly 1-3% response is achieved in any area where mail shots are used. However, they are not seen by the real decision-maker.
Q.30 Define Telemarketing and Telesales.
Telesales refers to the use of the telephone for selling and promoting products or services to a business or consumer base. And, Telemarketing" refers to anything related to the use of the telephone, including Telesales.
Q.31 What if your system stops working and the customer is still on the call. How will you handle this situation?
If the system crashes in the middle of a call then you should ask the customer for holding for some time. However, if the power is not back then, firstly, try to resolve their problem with your knowledge. After that, apologize for the inconvenience caused. Lastly, request them to call back or write down contact details so that you can call back once the system is restored.
Q.32 What are things to consider while talking to the customer on call?
  • Don’t type or shuffle papers while you’re on the phone – it suggests that you’re not listening to the caller.
  • If you have to put the phone down, do it gently to spare your caller’s ear.
  • Rid your mouth of food, gum, cough drops, or candy before talking on the phone – the receiver amplifies your noshing.
  • If you have to sneeze or cough, turn your head and cover your mouth – and the receiver.
  • Speak directly into the receiver – don’t bury it in your shoulder or neck.
  • If you dial the wrong number, explain yourself and verify the phone number so you don’t repeat the call.
  • Don’t hang up; that’s just rude.
  • Cut down on the background noise when taking or making a call. Radios, televisions, and even computer bings and bleeps can be distracting over the phone.
Q.33 What are some points of your voice you can control for conveying a positive and engaging attitude to your customers?
I ensure to keep my voice upbeat and my vocabulary clear. Additionally, I focus on my words phrasing to make my customers feel relaxed and at ease.
Q.34 Describe your most difficult customer calls?
In my past job role as a telemarketing executive, a customer was very upset by the call. In this situation, I stayed confident and focused through the call, thus resulting in generating a lead for our company.
Q.35 Explain the important telemarketing protocols.
According to my point of view, start with a strong greeting is very important. As the first impression will often dictate the future success of the call.
Q.36 Do you have any experience of working as a sales representative before? If yes, have you worked within a team?
Yes, I have worked with a sales team before. Working at a time help in understanding more about skills and I have my best to uplift the other teammates in order for achieving the best outcome.
Q.37 According to you, how can telemarketing can be made more effective?
In order to make telemarketing effective every call must be planned with an objective. It is very important to make the opening statements interesting in order to grab interest and attention of the customer. Also it is very important to motivate each tele-caller to crack the deal with clear objectives. Response to each query should be prepared in advance to cross the hurdle and make the final sale.
Q.38 How is direct marketing different from telemarketing?
Direct marketing can be considered as selling the product directly to the consumer in a non-retail setting by pre-targeting them and without involving any middleman. In this, there is direct communication with the consumer by regular mail, email, text messages, phone calls, catalogs, coupons, advertisements, flyers, and social media postings. However, the aim of direct marketing is for persuading the consumer to take action and buy the products on offer, either on the spot or later.
Q.39 How would you make a cold call to generate a lead?
It is not easy to turn a cold call into lead but it is not impossible either. Cold calls when handled with the right motivation and skill can be changed into a lead. Very often cold calls often dropped due to the fear of failure. The most important way to break through is to back track and then offer what you have when you have completely understood what is the given landscape of the situation. Most importantly a cold call should be handled with a positive attitude given any situation.
Q.40 Describe in your words about “Customer Satisfaction”
Any business is based upon the quality of the service offered to the customer. For doing this, it is important to understand the customer’s needs and problems. So, you have to think from their point of view and try to meet their demands and requirements.
Q.41 What according to you should be the priority in telemarketing?
For any business, customers should be the priority, since the final sales and profit depend on customer preferences and thus they should be the foremost priority. It is the duty of the telesales executive to make sure we have customers satisfied and deliver what they expect from us. Satisfied customer can be achieved if each one in the team takes the responsibility of delivering required services to the customer.
Q.42 What if the customer is more demanding? How will you handle this situation?
For dealing with a demanding customer: Listen to customers actively Rephrase their concerns Fix the problem at hand immediately Present a viable solution Take action and follow up Use the feedback Lower the unpleasant situation by doing proper research and preparation
Q.43 According to you what are the techniques that help build the Caller's trust?
Some of the most important techniques that help in building the trust of the customer- 1. Speak confidently 2. Take control of the situation 3. Show genuine interest 4. Go above and beyond the call of duty
Q.44 What will you do when a customer is required to be put on hold but is not agreeing to it?

If a customer objects to put his call put on hold since he fears being kept long on hold. In the given situations following are suggested -

1. You may politely request the customer that it is important to put his/her call on hold.

2. You should state clearly the objective due to which the line needs to be put on hold.

3. In case the customer is reluctant to be on hold, then you can ask any co-employee to retrieve the information required. It is suggested to be on line and keep the customer attended. 4. Lastly you can also ask the customer to disconnect the line at that moment and ensure to give them a the earliest.

Q.45 What is the role of a Telesales Executive according to you?
On daily basis, a Telesales executive will be required to call existing and potential customers for persuading them to purchase company products and services. Secondly, they provide recording details of customers’ purchase orders. Next, they are required to process all customer purchases accordingly and generating promising leads for the outside sales team to pursue. Then, they are required to manage customer accounts by ensuring that existing customers remain satisfied with company products and services. Lastly, they should be able to develop in-depth knowledge of customer products and services to make suitable recommendations based on customers' needs and preferences.
Q.46 What do you understand by B2B, B2C, and B2G?
B2B stands for business to business which explains the commercial transactions between businesses. For example, between a web development firm and a reseller. B2C stands for business to consumer and explains the transaction between business and consumer. It can be best described by specifying retail in which real goods are sold from stores or fixed locations directly to the consumer. B2G stands for business to government. This refers to a derivative of B2B and is explained as the transaction between business and government in which a business entity supplies services or goods to a government sector or firm and can be stated as public sector marketing.
Q.47 What will you add to make telemarketing more effective?
For making telemarketing more efficient, every call should be planned with an objective in mind. That is to say, the opening statements made by the telesales executive should be interesting enough to grab customer’s interest. It is the contribution of each telesales executive that makes telemarketing successful and every telesales executive should be motivated enough for making a deal clear their objective.
Q.48 What is the process of making a cold call for generating leads?
In order for turning a cold call into the lead, it is required to have the right motivation and skill. Here, the main focus should be to backtrack for a moment and then offer what you have when you have fully understood what is the landscape of the situation. This requires a positive attitude.
Q.49 What are your views on unwanted marketing?
Unwanted marketing is a crime by the law but one can opt out of it by filing a petition or a request in court. Only some firms are free from this law. However, for avoiding unwanted marketing one can file a request in the court to be in the list of numbers that are not to be called by telemarketing firms. According to my point of view, telemarketing should be handled more responsibly for avoiding such situations and maintaining the standards of marketing.
Q.50 What is the core of Telemarketing according to you?
The main core or priority should be customers. As if they do not buy we can not sell. However, the complete marketing sector runs due to end consumers so it should be our responsibility to provide customers satisfaction and delivering what they expect from us.
Q.51 Explain the elements contributing to project a positive image of telesales executive to the customer?
In the telemarketing industry, it is important to know how to use your voice and choose your words for projecting a positive image while taking a call. Some of the elements include: Vocal quality Vocal tone Use of appropriate words Rate of speech Pitch of the tone Attitude Body language
Q.52 How can we build the trust of a caller?
For building the trust of the customer on call, it is important to consider few points: Speaking confidently Taking control of the situation Showing genuine interest Giving all the appropriate information
Q.53 Explain the disclosure in Telemarketing.

There are a few disclosures:

  • Firstly, the disclosure of identity on behalf of which the call should be done at the starting of the call in a polite and fair manner.
  • Secondly, there must be a complete description of the product or business being put forward.
  • Thirdly, the cost and terms and conditions related to the product should be delivered clearly.
  • Lastly, no information must be left related to the product.
Q.54 Define Deceptive Telemarketing.

When there is any misleading of any product information conveyed to attract customers is termed as deceptive. For the avoidance of deceptive telemarketing:-

  • Firstly, no telemarketer should represent a product with false information.
  • Secondly, there must be no lottery, chance, and skill-based offers.
  • Thirdly, prize delivery is conditional and is not conveyed at the beginning.
  • Lastly, selling products at a very high price.
Q.55 Describe some of the good telephone etiquettes.
While attending to a client or customer on phone some basic telephone etiquette must be followed. Firstly, quickly answering the phone. Secondly, ensure that the customer is greeted well. Thirdly, when putting a line on hold take permission from the customer on the other end. While transferring a call make sure you do it the right in a polite way. Lastly, at the end of a call ensure that the customer is satisfied and does not have any queries.
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