Technical Analyst

Technical analysts is the person who evaluate the constant fluctuations of the stock market and provide critical investment information to their clients. We got some most asked Interview question and answers in Technical Analyst Job Interview.

Q.1 What does Efficient Market Hypothesis states?
Efficient Market Hypothesis states that financial markets are “informationally” efficient. Prices on traded assets already reflect all known information and therefore are unbiased in the sense that they reflect the collective beliefs of all investors about future prospects.
Q.2 When Tree shake happens ?
When a market maker starts to drop the share price, the weak share holders will sell up. The market maker will continue to drop the price until enough weak holders have relinquished their shares. The market maker then fulfils its large order and returns the share price to where it started.
Q.3 When accumulation phase occurs ?
Accumulation phase occurs when the “expert” traders are actively taking positions which are against the majority of people in the market. Price does not change much during this phase as the “experts” are in the minority so they are not a large enough group to move the market
Q.4 What does Doji represents?
Doji represents indecision in the market but is normally considered a strong signal.
Q.5 In bearish engulfing, when is a reversal not expected?
When the white candle completely engulfs the black candle that precedes it
Q.6 Using the moving averages, when will a trader buy or sell?
The trader will buy when the price of a financial instrument breaks above the moving average line and sell when the financial instrument breaks below the moving average line
Q.7 Give some examples of charting software
1.Amibroker 2. MetaStock 3. AdvancedGet
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