Key Accounts Manager Interview Questions

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Q.1 How do you build good client relationships?
Good client relationships are built on trust and I focus on gaining trust of the client. I build good client relationships by first by doing research on the client's company and the contact person. Understanding details on the company and the point of contact makes me aware of their background and challenges being faced. After which I connect with the contact and tell about what we have in common and how I can help them address their challenges so as to become a trusted advisor for them.
Q.2 What is your process for closing a new client?
After closing a new client my focus is to convince the prospect to switch services or avail our services. I research the client about competitive services they are using by searching on their website or press releases. Then, I send them a competitive offer for the service with benefits and how our company could do it differently and the additional things I have to offer them.
Q.3 During cold-calling a potential new client, how to respond to being busy or call again in six months?
I don’t give up at the first sign of resistance. When someone says they’re too busy or other reason, I try to briefly explain how they benefit from our services. As an account manager, I also emphasize on addressing the challenges they face.
Q.4 Which CRM software you are experienced with?
I am having experience on Salesforce CRM which was present in my past jobs, to create new contacts, run reports, and log calls. Being quick learner, I learnt Salesforce CRM quickly and will also learn CRM software in your company.
Q.5 How you achieve your revenue targets if you’re lagging behind?
At start of the week I review my progress to goals for the month and ensure I adjust my weekly goals accordingly. In mid-week I review the progress to be on track. These steps enable me to be on track and if I am lagging behind, I connect with clients and offer an additional service or enhanced packages for achieving the target.
Q.6 How you address most common objections by clients in the last job?
A common objection which I faced was our service being expensive and needing financial investments. I address the objection by presenting them with a cost analysis, illustrating the long term financial benefits our service accrue to them and the gains which they get from third year onwards and generate profits year after year.
Q.7 Did you use client feedback for product upgrade or change?
Account managers are the first point of contact for the client about their wants and needs. I collect constructive feedback from clients to improve the deliverables. In my past job, one of the client wanted online scheduling of our services for time and resource savings. This feedback was shared worth our product team and within six months we offered the service to all the clients and were able to save 50% expenses against the previous deliverables.
Q.8 How you will up sell an existing client?
As a key accounts manager up selling existing clients is the main responsibility. I meet clients on a regular basis and ask them about their current challenges or issues being faced. After listening to their feedback, I suggest our deliverables to address the same and how it is benefitting others facing similar challenges.
Q.9 Did ever you turned a client's No into a Yes?
A key accounts manager skill lies in changing a client's No into a Yes. During such situation I try to understand why the client says no. After analyzing the reason, I follow up with the benefits we bring to the table and how they will benefit from our deliverables. The client sees this as wise and makes the yes decision with us.
Q.10 Can we call your past clients for references?
Yes, you can call the past clients for references; I can also email my best client’s details.
Q.11 What is the benefit of using customer feedback?
Using customer feedback helps to ensure good product development, create loyal customers which results in increase of sales and profits.
Q.12 What can top management can interpret other than the sales revenue from the marketing scorecard?
The marketing scorecard other than the sales revenue, also interprets market share, customer loss rate and customer satisfaction
Q.13 Why to develop a marketing plan?
Marketing plan forces account managers to identify the target market, necessitates thinking about both short and long-term marketing strategies and looks at a business as a whole and ties together market objectives.
Q.14 What is needed by marketing mix modelling?
The marketing mix modelling needs historic information, point-of-sale data and companies’ internal data to model the information for making informed decisions for account management.
Q.15 What is the utility of below-the-line marketing?
The below-the-line marketing specifically targets towards individual customers, drives immediate impact and helps measure campaign effectiveness and conversions.
Q.16 What is the use of customer analytics?
Customer analytics helps accurately predict customers most likely to leave and develop the right proactive campaigns to retain them and also helps to deliver the right message by segmenting customers more effectively.
Q.17 What does competitive intelligence gather intelligence about?
The competitive intelligence gathers intelligence about products, customers and competitors.
Q.18 Why is key accounts manager job right for you?
I am having the requisite experience and skills as needed for this role of key accounts manager and will fit well into your company culture. I have been passively seeking a new position for quite some time and found your opening as the perfect fit for me as well.
Q.19 How will you turn around a long-term key client considering ending our business relationship?
Ending of a long-term business relationship with key client is a serious event and is of prime importance to be addressed by key accounts manager. As an account manager, it's my job to identify the root of why the client is unhappy. During discussion with the client, I'll maintain empathy and make the client heard and understood. After which I will search for alternatives to remedy the situation to the satisfaction of the client. My goal is to make the client happy again and to restore the relationship.
Q.20 How you motivate your team effectively?
Motivation is the nudge which keeps the team pushing and focused. Effective motivation of the team can be accomplished by first understanding the intrinsic driver of the team members or what they are passionate about, and how they like to be recognized or rewarded. By fostering strong relationships and trust with the team members, I ensure knowledge of what each member wants and I work hard to deliver it for a motivated team.
Q.21 What do you think of most important role of a key accounts manager?
As a key accounts manager my focus is to retain existing clients and key customers, as well as achieving assigned sales targets. My main responsibility is to manage expectations and oversee that a client's needs are met in a timely fashion.
Q.22 How do you see yourself in next five year in key accounts management?
I foresee a bright future as I will gain more skills and knowledge in the domain of key accounts management by mastering the new technologies and other developments in key accounts management so as to make the organization relevant and competitive.
Q.23 What is the impact of key accounts management on the goals of a company?
Key accounts management plays a vital role in revenues of the organization as key accounts have a considerable share of revenue. Managing key accounts helps a company in retaining their revenue thus, make long and short term for enhancing their market share and profitability.
Q.24 How you manage subordinates in your key accounts management team?
Supervising team members is crucial for maintaining the relationships with key accounts. I focus on managing subordinates as per their role in the team and skill level they possess. I also maintain a motivational environment so that the team work as a single unit in providing key accounts management services to the organization as per laid down KPIs (key performance indicators).
Q.25 How you maintain discipline in your team?
Maintaining discipline in the team is important for having a productive environment in the team. I maintain discipline by making every team member aware of the applicable HR rules and regulatory laws applicable. In case of any disciplinary action against a team member, I have a private meeting in private to understand their perspective and prevent hostile work environment in future.
Q.26 What tasks are performed by a key accounts manager?
A key accounts manager is responsible for maintaining and expanding relationships with significant clients. Key accounts manager ensures that the client’s needs and expectations are met by the company. They work in close association with various business departments, and thus maintain and develop the strategic relationships with the Key Accounts.
Q.27 How do you assign goals to your team?
Assignment of goals to the team involves analysing various factors before assignment. I also employ the SMART approach for goals definition and assignment.
Q.28 Why you are suitable as key accounts manager?
As a key accounts manager, I am having extensive experience in key accounts management and have requisite skills including: communication, problem solving and coping under pressure which is of importance for key accounts manager role.
Q.29 Do you feel satisfied with your role as key accounts manager?
I feel satisfied as key accounts manager as I am able to utilize my skills and knowledge for effective long term growth of the company and ensure revenue and trusted relationships with the key clients in an efficient and effective manner for the organization.
Q.30 How you keep yourself updated of new trends in key accounts management?
Key accounts management is experiencing changes due to newer developments every year and I update myself by attending industry seminars, conferences as available online or offline.
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