Campaign Management

Here we are going to list down the frequently asked questions on Campaign Management for professionals. The questions are created and submitted by professionals to help you to prepare for the role of Campaign Manager.

Q.1 How do you handle disagreement?
The interviewer needs the candidate to have good coordination and leadership abilities, together with the ability to execute on a decision. Not everyone in the campaign team will agree with every decision there will be cases when you will be over-ruled, yet still it is required execution. It is very important to keep the team together yet working in favour of the organization.
Q.2 Give an example of how you have effectively used online marketing tools?
While answering this focus on skills in online marketing including search engine tactics and optimization, click-through advertising, writing for the Web using keywords, designing for customer usability, utilization of social media and tracking success of the online campaign.
Q.3 What kind of marketing campaigns have you run in the past?
You need to answer this questions by highlighting your accomplishments just by saying that you have run several online marketing campaigns does not showcase your contribution and potential contribution. Sample Answer - I started a social media campaign that utilized targeted advertising systems to market the company's services to youth in Europe. You should elaborate by giving numbers that support the campaign, by quoting sales records such as - three financial quarters, sales increased by 427% and brand recognition vastly improved by 10% within the target demographic.
Q.4 Give an example of a campaign which did not work out as you had planned?
Clearly it is important to accept failures and recognize why a campaign went wrong and to learn from the experience. Here the interviewer wants to analyse analytical and problem solving skills under such tough situations. Possibility of a campaigns failure may be due to poor research and groundwork, inappropriate objectives, or ineffective communication. You need to openly talk about why the campaign failed, and avoid defensive explanations. It is suggested to take accountability and focus on the steps you took to prevent a repeat experience.
Q.5 Share your experience when you have effectively managed a tight budget to accomplish a marketing activity?
While answering you are required to focus on your planning and organizing skills to get the best return on the marketing budget. You should share details such as controls executed to track and staying on top of expenditure and how plans were adjusted when necessary. You should showcase your ability to respond quickly and accurately to meet the requirements and constraints.
Q.6 What are characteristic of positioning models?
The characteristic of positioning models are : 1. Positions occur along parameters that are important to the customer and are essentially selected by the customer 2. Positions are not simply the product facts, but they approximate them. 3. The positions in the market are usually oriented on the market leader.
Q.7 What is Brand Image?
Brand image is a strategic approach based on creating a unique and symbolic psychological association and identification between the brand and the consumer.
Q.8 What does client servicing aims?
Client servicing aims to make client happy.
Q.9 What does Preemptive approach focusses on?
Preemptive approach also focuses directly on a generic product feature or benefit but with a superiority claim attached to it.
Q.10 Which technique involves consumers being asked to summarize the brand’s life?
Tombstone involves consumers being asked to summarize the brand’s life.
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