Textile Designing

Textile Designing Interview questions. We have listed some important interview questions on Textile Designing to help you to prepare for your next job as Textile Designing.

Q.1 What do you love most about your work as a Textile designer?
Sample Answer - I can express myself with my prints and my colours, and I can create what I want and when people like it I feel rewarded. As a designer it makes me feel completely satisfied since I realise that I am doing what many would have never thought I could do.
Q.2 When are struggling in your creativity, who do you do?
Sample Answer - As a designer I always listen to my creativity and never force it as you can’t control it. Many times we have worked long hours or at crazy times, but when the inspiration comes you just have to listen to it!
Q.3 Can we dye Cotton/silk/linen dress?
Possibly, but be sure - 1. The thread and zipper will remain the original colour 2. There can be a trim issue 3. The stress of the warm-water-and-agitation process
Q.4 What should be done when you have a garment or fabric which is half or less polyester and the other portion a natural fiber such that you can try using the Reactive Dyes?
Remember, the dye will take at about half strength i.e. it's very hard to get a dark colour saturation. Cotton mixed with a minimal amount of spandex (5-10%) will take the dye well.
Q.5 What is the function of Hydro Extractor Machine?
There Function of Hydro extractor machine is to squeeze the garments for removing the excess water from the garments.
Q.6 What do you think of our work as an organization?
The hiring manager asks this question to check if you’ve done your homework and are thoroughly familiar with the company and its offerings. Also the interviewer wants to know that, though you have an opinion, whether you can convey your ideas in a diplomatic manner. Therefore rather than instead of answering, “Your website needs a complete overhaul,” you might say, “Your website has a retro feel that’s worked well for the firm, but considering that the average age of your customers is under 30, you might want to consider a more modern design.” You can offer some tips that stay true to the brand and the company.
Q.7 What do you understand by after treatment?
After Treatment is the process which is used for proper and perfect dyeing action is known as after treatment. In case of direct dye, after treatment is done for increasing light fastness and wash fastness of dyed materials. Dye particle is done insoluble into the fiber after treatment.
Q.8 How many types of knitting is in practice?
There are 2 types of knitting in practice
Q.9 What refers to the warp?
It refers to longitudinal thread
Q.10 Which type of printing uses woodblocks?
Block Printing uses woodblock for printing
Q.11 What was the earliest discovered fabric?
The earliest discovered fabric was flax fibers
Q.12 Where does the geo textiles used?
It is used in embankments
Q.13 What is the distinctive feature of alginate?
It is water-soluble fiber
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