Office Administration

We’ve compiled a list of the most common and frequently asked Office Administrative interview questions. If you want to ace your job interview, then make sure you master these answers to these challenging questions below. This guide is perfect for anyone interviewing for a Office admin job.

Q.1 What experience do you have as an office administrator?
This question gives you the opportunity to run through all of your experience. You are required to be concise since the interviewer is not willing to listen to stories. You must also focus on highlighting multiple roles, and mention something specific for each one. Showcase your skills and experience together with the flexibility to adjust.
Q.2 How do you manage with busy, stressful times?
Your answer should focus towards staying organised and keeping a strict diary record so that stress does not become a real cause of concern. Once you identify a possible delay due to high work volumes you must raise it with your reporting manager for reallocation and thereby prioritize as per requirement. If you have some real work experience then you must talk about it but if you have no direct work experience then talk about any event where you helped resolve issue to prioritize for better outputs.
Q.3 What is the role of an administrator plays in the office dynamic?
Sample Answer - An administrator plays an important role in ensuring that records are properly managed and all outgoing correspondence is well written and all incoming correspondence is read and delivered to the relevant managers quickly.
Q.4 What is your take on multitasking at work?
Sample Answer - Indeed multitasking is considered as a necessary part of an administration job, and I enjoy multitasking and the challenge to make sure that multiple functions and jobs are completed with accuracy on time. This motivates to work with more efficiency and accurately.
Q.5 Do you enjoy meeting new people and interacting with customers?
Meeting people and speaking to customers is often a vital part of being an administrator. Say that you enjoy talking to people and that interaction with other people is often what makes the work most interesting.
Q.6 What makes you think you are good fit for the role of an office administrator?
I consider myself with someone who has skills to perform administrative tasks like keeping schedules organized, helping complete data entry tasks and interacting with customers. I have this passions for helping others stay organized and offering financial support.
Q.7 What kind of administrative duties have you performed in your past job role?
As an office administrator, I had to interact with customers over calls and in person. Moreover, I had to maintain the main office phone line as well as five separate lines for company VPs. With this, I had to manage the calendars of my VPs, arranging business conferences and travel and helping in producing presentations using PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.
Q.8 What do you understand by horizontal, vertical and lateral filing?

In horizontal filling, documents are placed in a horizontal position, one on the top of another in order of date and the latest document is kept on the top. The best example of horizontal filing is flat files and arch lever file.

Vertical filing is a collection of pamphlets, pictures, clippings, or other materials stored upright, as in a filing cabinet or cabinets or a cabinet for such storage.

Lateral files are typically 20 inches deep and manufactured in 30-, 36-, and 42-inch widths and 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-drawer versions. The 30-inch-wide (760 mm), two-drawer version is popular for use inside cubicle workstations, as it is engineered to fit under or alongside the cubicle work surfaces.

Q.9 Do you have any computer skills?
I have experience of working and completing office administration tasks using Microsoft Office on a daily basis. With this, I also have familiarity of using Windows and WordPress.
Q.10 How will your administrative skills will help in contributing to our team?
With my ability to keep everyone organized and on schedule, I will push team to meet our objectives. However, by taking over the majority of administrative duties, team members can give their time more efficiently as well as increase their work productivity.”
Q.11 What is the role of Effective Administrator?
An effective administrator are the strength of an organization. They act as a link between an organization's various departments and ensures the seamless flow of information from one part to the other. Moreover, they help organizations to run professionally and smoothly.
Q.12 What are the duties of an Office Managers?
They help in organizing the office's operations and procedures by undertaking several administrative tasks. This include designing and implementing a new filing system. Secondly, they allocated certain employees to manage operational requirements, whilst following up on their progress They have the duty of recruiting, selecting and training new employees with side by side maintaining the current employees through coaching ad counseling The create an annual budget that represents the organization's financial objectives (determines where expenditures need to be scheduled for the next financial year). Lastly, they attend several workshops that will benefit and increase the knowledge of the office manager.
Q.13 What tasks are typical for Office Administrators?
Common tasks include: word processing; audio and copy typing; letter writing; dealing with telephone and email enquiries; creating and maintaining filing systems; scheduling and attending meetings, creating agendas and taking minutes - shorthand may be required; keeping diaries and arranging appointments; organizing travel for staff.
Q.14 What is the role of an Administration Assistant?
Administration assistants performs a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities depending on the business’s requirements. They are required for preparing, filing or archiving documents, sorting and sending mail or other communicating with clients, answering phones or managing stock, as well as fulfill general office and ad hoc tasks. Further, they also organize and manage events for staff or external stakeholders.
Q.15 Who is a Virtual Assistant?
Virtual assistants (VAs) provide remote freelance or contract administration or personal assistance support for small businesses. This job role is best for experienced administration staff who want to run their own business from home. They manage tasks like invoicing and processing payments, distribution of products, creating documents and reports, handling email enquiries and any other administrative tasks that can be managed by email or online.
Q.16 Which tools you use for staying organized?
I always sync my checklist using G Suite so I can easily pivot from my calendar to my email and to-do list. In my last role, I always created notes during my weekly one-on-one meetings with the manager. And, I update all of my project details and deadlines in Asana.
Q.17 What is desktop publishing?
Desktop publishing software (abbreviated DTP) is the creation of printed materials using page layout on a personal computer. When used skillfully, desktop publishing software can produce printed literature with attractive layouts and typographic quality comparable to traditional typography and printing. This technology allows individuals, businesses, and other organizations to self-publish a wide range of printed matter—from menus and local newsletters to books, magazines, and newspapers—without the sometimes-prohibitive expense of commercial printing.
Q.18 Do you have any experience in handling multiple lines and high volumes of incoming calls?
Yes, I have actual experience handling high volumes of calls. I have experience in handling phone manners, and ability to quickly prioritize and organize.
Q.19 Are you comfortable in working within a team?
Being a good office administrative means being able to get comfortable with working with a wide variety of people and teams inside the organization. I consider myself as a team player with both leading and directing the team using my past skills and experience.
Q.20 What is Fax? What things to consider while sending a fax?
A facsimile (from Latin face simile, “make alike”) is a copy or reproduction of an old book, manuscript, map, art print, or other item of historical value that is as true to the original source as possible. It differs from other forms of reproduction by attempting to replicate the source as accurately as possible in terms of scale, color, condition, and other material qualities. Sending a fax: Make sure the fax machine is plugged into a power source and also plugged into a working phone jack. Turn the fax machine on. Obtain the fax number of the destination fax machine. Gather the documents you want to send and put them in the order you want them to be received. Fill out a separate piece of paper called a coversheet with the recipient’s name, fax number/phone number, your name, your phone number, a short message and number of pages (including coversheet). Lay the documents face-up in the fax machine feeder tray with the coversheet on top Dial the recipient’s fax number (dialing instructions for international calls) Press the “fax” or “send” button, depending on the particular fax machine model
Q.21 How do you keep yourself organized when dealing with tasks and requests from multiple sources?
An office manager needs great organizational skills to keep yourself and others on track. You should give examples of how you keep organized to ensure deadlines are always met. Your answer might sound something like this: “My trick to staying organized is to keep a log of every incoming request. There are some great software tools that make it much easier to juggle lots of tasks and requests. I use my calendar and set alarms in advance of deadlines to make sure nothing is ever forgotten.”
Q.22 According to you, what are the key abilities of an office manager?
An office manager should be very personable, organized, and have great communication skills. The have the ability to identify and proactively solve problems with demonstrating a positive and can-do attitude even in a stressful situation.
Q.23 Do you have experience in using office management software?
Yes, I have experience in using most of the Microsoft Office Suite. This include Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and I also have intermediate skills in QuickBooks and SharePoint.
Q.24 Have you ever deal with a difficult client? If yes, then how you handled that situation?
In my last role, there was client in office who was asking about the appointment with one of the managers. I gently asked him if he had the right date and time as his appointment was not schedule on the calendar. After this, he became very frustrated, and I was worried it would impact our business with him. Then, I offered him seat to calm him down and went to see if the manager was available. Fortunately, the manager was available. And, then, I quickly send him right away to see the client.
Q.25 What ways you use for managing confidential information?
Confidential information are always locked up, encrypted or password protected. I always clear my desk of all paperwork, particularly confidential files before leaving it. Moreover, taking as a priority, I never share personal or private information to anyone unless the appropriate individual has authorized it in advance. However, if the person requesting the information were insistent, then, first, I validate if they have authorization for this file or not.
Q.26 Are you applying for any other job opportunities?
Yes, I’m actively pursuing a various opportunities, but working for your company is my first choice. This company has created a good impact and I am impress with all the great work. Moreover, this company has built a great team here and that the organization has a great company working culture.
Q.27 Why you are perfect for the role of office administrator?
I consider myself with someone having a great people skills and ability to create reports fatly. I have ability to communicate and building the trust of employees. I have skills to keep everything organized, maintaining files, computer skills and completing all my tasks within time.
Q.28 According to you, what is an ideal company?
For me, ideal company is one that recognizes their employees as future leaders and take pride in listening to new ways of performing old procedures. Moreover, it must appreciates its employees by rewarding those who excel and by treating all employees with fairness.
Q.29 What are basic software used for the administrative work?
The basic software required for the administrative work are: Firstly, for Scheduling Software, Outlook and Google Calendar. Secondly, for working on email Apps, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Then, for spreadsheet Software, MS Excel and Google Sheet. Next, for Presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint and Slideshare. Lastly, for creating document, MS Word, Google Doc.
Q.30 Why verbal communication is important in administrative assistance jobs?
Verbal communication is important in an administrative assistant job because: Administrative assistants need to support the entire workplace. The person corresponds with managers and co-workers regularly. It is helpful when having a conversation on the phone or with a person who is participating in the meeting and conversing with customers. Verbal communications include listening and responding appropriately. It can be done using the correct tone for the situation.
Q.31 How do you prioritize your work when you are assigned several tasks with similar deadlines?
I am often tasked with completing multiple items with similar deadlines. I have learned to balance my time between accomplishing the most important tasks first and sandwiching in less important and less time-consuming projects when my schedule allows. An example of this would be to work on a report the executive needs by the end of the day but taking time to reply to customer correspondence while either taking a break from the big project or when waiting for information or resources I need to complete the report. If I become overwhelmed with the amount of work I am assigned, I discuss it with my manager to get their input on what I should focus on and what tasks can be postponed, delegated, or reassigned.”
Q.32 What are the methods that you will use for managing a large project?
For me the key to completing large projects effectively and efficiently is to use a systematic process for organizing the required tasks. This include: Firstly, reviewing the project for understanding the desired outcome and deliverables. Secondly, breaking the project down into individual steps or tasks. After that, assigning a priority to each task, estimate the time it will take to complete each one, list any resources required and/or any dependencies on other tasks or outside personnel. Lastly, assembling this information into a project plan.
Q.33 Define touch typing.
Touch typing refers to an ability for using memory without using sight sense for finding keyboard keys.
Q.34 What techniques a team player use in the role of a administrative assistant?
  • Firstly, a team player, understand the role. Team members of organizations should provide good results and profitability performance.
  • Secondly, taking a decision. An administrative assistant is responsible for taking decisions for the team. If they would be functional, dysfunctional, or high-performing.
  • Thirdly, team commitment. A team is a group of competent and dedicated people. The leader of this team should obstacles related to skills, training, and performance management.
  • Lastly, the team should view themselves optimistically. A good team method can work strategically and predict various actions for business growth.
Q.35 As an administrative officer, which software you will you use for creating dynamic reports?
For this, I can use two software, QuickBooks and MS Excel for creating reports.
Q.36 How would you handle an employee office with whom you never communicated?
When it comes to work, I never put personality conflicts with colleagues. Even if we never talked, I try to learn about for creating a peaceful work environment.
Q.37 Why you want to be an office administrator?
I want to be in this role. As per my past experience and skills, I have the ability in maintaining general office files, including job files, vendor files, and other files related to the company’s operations. I am familiar with answering phone calls, responding to emails, and preparing documents, including office correspondence, memos, resumes, and presentations. Moreover, I can offer a sense of loyalty to your organization for confidential files. And, I am seeing this role as long-term position.
Q.38 Suppose if there are two employees who have urgent tasks. You have to provide assistance with at the same time. How will you do this?
Firstly, I would ensure them for help, but as I can only perform one task at a time. After that, I will ask for details about their tasks. And, then, accordingly, work on the task which was due first and then, rework my schedule to make sure both employees get the help they need.
Q.39 What do you understand by data masking and data erasure?

Data Masking Data Masking of structured data is the process of obscuring (masking) specific data within a database table or cell to ensure that data security is maintained and sensitive information is not exposed to unauthorized personnel. This may include masking the data from users (for example so banking customer representatives can only see the last 4 digits of a customers national identity number), developers (who need real production data to test new software releases but should not be able to see sensitive financial data), outsourcing vendors, etc.

Data Erasure Data erasure is a method of software-based overwriting that completely destroys all electronic data residing on a hard drive or other digital media to ensure that no sensitive data is leaked when an asset is retired or reused

Q.40 Do you have any thoughts on if the administrative assistant role has changed or will change in the future?
There is fact that administrative assistants will be replaced by technology. But, according to my point of view, technology on its own cannot take over everything, it is the people behind it are what make it effective. However, if administrative assistants can modify to new technological advancements it will only help them for providing better support their teammates and executives. So, I worked on enhancing my Microsoft Outlook and Excel skills.
Q.41 Why do you want to be a part of this company?
After seeing this role at this company, I immediately became interested. This company prioritizes the local community and giving back. I always wanted to be a part of this type of workplace, who consider their employees as priority and reward for their work. Moreover, this role helps me advance my strength and skills to become organized and helpful professional.
Q.42 Name the various types of mail handling department.
Activities of an mail handling department are Mail sorting Opening the mail Remittances handling Enclosures handling Distribution Stamping
Q.43 What type of job role have you worked before applying here?
I worked as a office assistant in a school. In this role, I have to interact with parents in person and over call. Moreover, have check and keep the updated record of all the management staff members. And, I also have to work on MS word and excel to work both on reports and documents.
Q.44 Do you consider yourself as organized?
Yes, I consider myself as organized by having skills to manage my time wisely and prioritizing work. I structure my tasks to make it easy to identify the work I have done. with this, I creates notes so that I will be able to find what I need. Moreover, I always try to finish my all work day to day and start planning for next day tasks.
Q.45 What is your area of expertise while working as an office administrator?
I like communicating with different clients to learn about them. Moreover, I consider myself as a team player, so I like to work together with other employees in a more productive way by implementing helpful processes. Additionally, I find the challenge of meeting difficult deadlines and navigating disputing schedules to make my problem-solving better.
Q.46 Define time management.
Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Time management may be aided by a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals complying with a due date.
Q.47 As an Office Administrator, how do you handle the staff conflicts?
Conflicts are sure to happen in every office. Professional environments also have their kinds of issues in individuals. In this situation, I consider communication the best solution for solving all the issues. By communication, I try to take feedback, provide support and coaching to my team in order for helping them solve the problems.
Q.48 What do you understand by office supplies? Can you provide some of the commonly used office supplies.
Office supplies is the generic term that refers to all supplies regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations, from private citizens to governments, who work with the collection, refinement, and output of information. This includes small, expendable, daily use items such as paper clips, post-it notes, and staples, small machines such as hole punches, binders, staplers and laminators, writing utensils and paper, but also encompasses higher-cost equipment like computers, printers, fax machines, photocopiers and cash registers, as well as office furniture such as chairs, cubicles, filing cabinet, and armoire desks.
Q.49 Suppose you have to answer a phone call, what things you will consider to have a effective call?
Don’t type or shuffle papers while you’re on the phone – it suggests that you’re not listening to the caller. If you have to put the phone down, do it gently to spare your caller’s ear. Rid your mouth of food, gum, cough drops, or candy before talking on the phone. If you have to sneeze or cough, turn your head and cover your mouth. Speak directly into the receiver. If you dial the wrong number, explain yourself and verify the phone number so you don’t repeat the call. Don’t hang up; that’s just rude. Cut down on the background noise when taking or making a call. Radios, televisions, and even computer binges and bleeps can be distracting over the phone.
Q.50 What is Surge Suppressor?
A surge suppressor (sometimes optimistically called a "surge protector") is a device inserted in the alternating current ( AC ) utility line and/or telephone line to prevent damage to electronic equipment from voltage "spikes" called transients. A more accurate term for this type of device is "transient suppressor."
Q.51 What is Bank Reconciliation Statement?
A statement which helps in tallying the ledger account with bank pass book.
Q.52 What is the Meaning of SVGA?
SVGA Stands for Super Video Graphic Array. It is a video-display-standard type developed by the Video Electronics Standards Associationfor IBM.
Q.53 Which Company meetings is not attended by members?
Board Meeting is only attended by the Board of Directors.
Q.54 Which instruemnt is used to send Handwritten material, graphs, diagrams and maps?
Fax, sometimes called telecopying or telefax.
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