Blackberry Apps

Given below are some of the important interview questions on Blackberry Apps asked by interviewers. Checkout them if you are looking for a job in Blackberry apps development.

Q.1 What step will be taken to resolution if in the BlackBerry device, an hour glasss is shown on screen, device is not responding and shown as BlackBerry Desktop Manager ?
Install the latest version of BlackBerry Device Software on the computer and run the application loader process.
Q.2 What is the prime objective for S/MIME usage in BlackBerry Enterprise Solution ?
To increase the security of email message transmissions after they leave the organization infrastructure
Q.3 How does a user will be able to view missing address book enteries in BlackBerry device if they are synchronized. ?
Display the menu > Select Filter > Modify Category
Q.4 Which will be the appropriate manner to resolve an issue of display of APP Error 200 reset error message ?
While performing the application loader process, make sure the Erase all application data and Erase all currently installed applications options are both selected under Advanced options.
Q.5 Which of the following activity occurs during the Activating stage of the enterprise activation process ?
The BlackBerry device sends an activation email message to the user's mailbox. The activation emai message is then processed by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the BlackBerry device displays Verifying Encryption.
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