Technical Writing

Here are the top interview questions on Technical Writing, the questions are submitted by professionals to help you to ace the job interview.

Q.1 Why do you choose to become a technical writer?
Sample Answer - I want to become a technical writer as I love technology as well as writing. As a technical writer it allows me to do something useful and helpful through my writings. Also it has also enriched my interest in technology. Also the opportunities I get to interact with SMEs is what I really enjoy.
Q.2 How do you prioritize and plan your work as a technical writer?
It is very easy for a writer to float away and realize at a later stage that what they have written out of the scope of the project. You must give some justifiable answer to highlight your management skills. Sample Answer - I always intent to scope my project well based on the readers and then target with that particular content. On the basis of this scoping, Thereafter I draw an over all schedule and break it into a daily to do list. I then prioritize the task and work as per the schedule. As a technical writer we ensure that I do not get distracted by distractions such as mobile phones. The efficient time management helps me to improve my productivity.
Q.3 What according to you is the job profile of a technical writer?
The intent of the interviewer is to assess your understanding and clarity of the roles and responsibilities as a technical writer. It is suggested to read the job description thoroughly. Sample Answer - Some of the roles and responsibilities as a technical writer include - 1. Have a good understanding about the product and analyse data to get knowledge about the product. 2.Discuss with Subject Matter Experts regularly to learn more about the product. 3. Use diagrams to illustrate technical concepts and make illustrations and other visuals for a better understanding of the concept. 4. Use video tutorials. 5. Create a set of instructions to help people use software and hardware applications. 6. you can also create e-learning courses. 7. Share feedback with the product team obtained through usability testing, training or other user immersion to improve the final product.
Q.4 What are the different tools do you use as a technical writer?
There are a lot of tools used by technical writers to create documents. They help the writers to create documents in different formats and provide easy edit and customization facilities. Such that these software ensure that the content is unique. Some of the commonly used software packages are - 1. Adobe RoboHelp - It helps to create interactive content in multiple formats. 2. WordPress - This helps the writers if they are looking to have technical documentation of their product in the form of blogs. 3. Notepad++ - To learn the basics of HTML programming. 4. Microsoft Visio - This is a popular diagramming tool which helps the writers to create flow charts, software designs, electrical circuit diagram, etc. 5. Powtoon - Technical writers need to be creative. This tool helps the writers to create animated videos which help to capture user attention in an engaging way. 6. MadCap Flare - This is another help authoring tool that enables the technical writers to personalize the content and it also allows repurposing as per the audience. 7. Windows Snipping tool - This tool enables the writers with screen capture options. 8. Camtasia - This software helps the readers to create, record and edit videos.`
Q.5 What according to you are the key skills to be a technical writer?
The intent of the interviewer is to assess how well the expectation of the company match with the candidate offering. Sample Answer - To be a successful technical writer the skills required are - 1. Must have a clear and concise Writing Skills 2.Must have the ability to quickly understand the technology 3. Possess knowledge of tools that help in producing various kinds of documents. 4. Ability to conduct interviews to extract the required information from the SMEs 5. Should have excellent listening skills to capture the right information. 6. Possess effective designing skills to produce good graphics and illustration skills. 7. Possess testing skills to ensure that the product works as documented
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