Leadership Personal Competencies Interview Questions

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Q.1 Who are the most important members of your team?
All the members of my team is equally important. Each member of my team contributes something different to the team, and that makes us as a whole stronger.
Q.2 Did you had to change a decision due to new facts
Yes, I had to change a decision about reporting in a process which was done in excel sheets being emailed every day in evening to keep track of data for the day but with implementation of a new IT system, I decided to do away with the excel sheet based process.
Q.3 How do you achieve objectives in a fast-paced environment?
A fast-paced environment can be managed effectively and objectives be achieved if all the team members are aware of the objectives and the timeliness for achieving them. I place milestones for each member to be updated on their progress.
Q.4 Had you made a decision without all the relevant facts?
Yes, I had to decide about social media based marketing campaign for the company which we as a company didn't had any experience. It could turn out to be a waste of time and the resources. But seeing the potential and low costs, I decided a go ahead by keeping myself updated on related information and best practices for it. We were able to achieve a decent success with measurable results.
Q.5 How you prepare and present arguments to others?
All arguments I prepare, are based on facts and are objective. I analyze all aspects of an argument first to be prepared for when I present my position.
Q.6 What is Leadership?
Leadership to me, is the ability to guide, support, and nurture team members and others in the company. Leaders are skilled develop others to be at their best.
Q.7 How you manage difficult and important task as a Leader?
As a leader managing difficult and important task involves driving the whole team and, ensuring that all the team members are on same page and aware of the goals to achieve.
Q.8 What initiative had you taken to improve or develop the individual skills of your team members?
As a leader of the team, I suggest and nudge my team members in attending relevant training, workshops to improve or strengthen their job and interpersonal skills. I list and schedule available options with HR department for the same.
Q.9 How you motivate yourself as a leader?
I get motivated by my team’s achievements and being able to develop team members especially when they achieve their professional as well as personal goals.
Q.10 How you share bad news with your team?
Any bad news should be shared without any complacency and I share it upright in a small meeting with the team and discuss their inputs for possible solutions for implementation so as to avoid bad news in future.
Q.11 How you manage if you are not clear about achieving your goals on time?
If I have any doubt regarding achieving my goals on time, I ask for inputs and help from my team members to resolve the impasse. It helps in coming up with a new and clear steps to achieve my goals on time.
Q.12 How you encourage your team for success?
I praise team members within team meetings and also in company's meetings to encourage them to work more harder and also to give them confidence to perform better. I also link the performance of a team member to reward or recognition, to keep them motivated to work harder.
Q.13 Have you ever eliminated wasteful spending for your company?
Yes, as a manager I continuously look for the opportunities to reduce wasteful spending. recently I implemented new software and automation for data capture related processes, and was able to save 15% by reducing redundancies.
Q.14 What do you think of most important role of you as a manager?
As a manager my focus is to manage the team in achieving the goals for the company. The most important role is to keep the team motivated and focused in maintaining the task completion to achieve the laid out goals.
Q.15 How do you see yourself in next five year as a manager?
As a manager, I foresee a bright future as I will be gaining more skills and knowledge as per the newer developments in the industry and manage more responsibilities for the success of the organization.
Q.16 How you maintain discipline in your team?
Maintaining discipline amongst team members is crucial for having a productive environment in the team. Maintaining discipline involves making team members aware of the ground rules for the team and the applicable HR rules and regulatory laws for it. In case of any violation, I personally address the team member to understand their perspective and decide action accordingly to prevent hostile work environment in future.
Q.17 How do you assign goals to your team members?
Assignment of goals to the team members involves first defining goals for individual team member as per the SMART approach for making the goals achievable. After which I analyze various factors like availability of the resource, their skills and constraints for the same.
Q.18 What are your strengths as a manager?
As a manager, my strength is having extensive experience on being aware of the new technologies as well as managing the present technologies in achieving the goals for the company. I also leverage my skills and education for effective and efficient management of the team and processes.
Q.19 How you manage conflict in your team?
Managing conflicts in the team is essential for having a productive environment in the team. Conflicts arise due to disagreements amongst the team members which is what I focus on. I discuss in a meeting of all involved team members and analyze reasons for the conflict so as to reach a resolution. I apply conflict management techniques like collaborating, forcing, accommodating or compromising as per the situation.
Q.20 What will you do for under performance by your subordinates in your team?
The first step is to understand with the team member the basis for under performance is it due to any factor in the company or their personal issues. After which I chart out the steps for resolution and discuss the implementation with the team member for the same and achieve the desired level of performance.
Q.21 How you manage your time?
As a manager, to manage team or process involves many tasks on a daily basis and which need to be finished in a specific time. I use to do lists, prevent time wasters and optimize my work environment for more productivity, helps me in managing tome effectively.
Q.22 Why do you want to work as manager at this company?
Working as manager at this company offers me more many avenues of growth and will boost my managerial skills. Your company has been in the domain of marketing of FMCG goods and hence offers opportunities for future growth in a management role. Also considering my education, skills and experience I see myself, more apt for the post.
Q.23 What is your unique skill to make us hire you?
My extensive experience and skills as a manager enables me to be more effective and efficient in managing teams. I strive for challenging position as being offered by your company hence, I see myself, more apt for the post.
Q.24 Which meeting type you prefer for your team- group discussion or one on one meeting?
I prefer group discussions as a manager as we are more aware of individual skills and hidden qualities as well as all participants are able to share their feedback instead of doing one to one meeting which involves more time.
Q.25 What are your strengths as a manager?
Maintaining relationship with the team members is my greatest strength as a manager. I also skilled to inspire and encourage team to work hard and give their best.
Q.26 What are your views on over supervision as a manager?
Over supervision by a manager involves giving more direction to team members than what is needed which leads to team member being frustrated and angry. This further leads to the team member stopping taking risks, avoiding making decisions on their own, and their participation and initiation come down.
Q.27 What are your views on under supervision as a manager?
Under supervision by a manager refers to giving directions to team member though it requires direction and close supervision. This leads to higher probability for failure and increased frustration in the team.
Q.28 How did you managed to make an unpopular decision?
Last year I changed the commission structure to sales executives due to low performance by many sales executives. Many were upset with the decision but I clarified their doubts and ensured training to better orient them. This resulted in increased sales and commission in due course of time.
Q.29 How you will address the situation if your supervision and a team member's working style do not match?
Any situation with a mismatch in my supervision and a team member's working style is addressed by understanding the reason for the mismatch. I analyze the root cause and address the same when the issue comes to my notice and by involving the team member. This prevents any unwanted situation or issues in future.
Q.30 How you manage your subordinates as per their competency levels?
Individuals have different skill set and have different competency levels. I address each team member accordingly. For low competence members I provide continuous support, for members with some competence I provide direction along with motivation and for highly competent members I delegate the responsibility for task achievement. I provide different types of instructions as per competency.
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