Leadership Communication Interview Questions

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Q.1 Which values are the most important to as a leader?
The most important value that I cherish and value is integrity. I am honest in my actions personally and professionally, which establish my credibility as a leader. I have conviction in my words and actions as I maintain integrity in spirit.
Q.2 How will you gain commitment from your team?
I gain commitment from my teams by motivating and directing the team to the laid down objectives and influencing and persuading them to be a integral part of the process. Team relates to the goals to be achieved and I focus on developing the team culture and team work to have cooperation and cohesion in the team.
Q.3 What is your greatest strength as a leader?
My greatest strength as a leader is in leading and motivating a team to excel in their work and achieve their goals. I am passinate about developing the team culture and influencing those around me.
Q.4 What is your greatest weakness as a leader?
My greatest weakness as a leader has been too much attention to detail which sometimes sucks up more time and is a irritant for others. I have worked on this and I am able to address this weakness by effective delegation and using technology.
Q.5 How you convince others to accept your ideas as a leader?
Gaining buy-in from others involves talking about the benefits of my idea and its applcation. I am also open to other thoughts and make suitable changes so that all can agree. I also develop procedures to implement the ideas as a leader so that agreed goals are achieved as discussed with all.
Q.6 How you appreciate team members?
Appreciating team mmebers is essential aspect of motivation and also showcasing the team to learn the best practices. I look for team meetings to appreciate the deserving team member and recognize their success before all. I also put in Linkedin recommendation and make a note to mention it during appraisals. If there are any performance incentives, I make it sure that the team member is granted.
Q.7 Are you more effective in a group or one on one basis?
My experience is that I am more effective in a group as the diversity of the skills, knowledge and qualities of the individuals help helps the team to excel and achieve their goals. Team also acts as a learnign platform for those lagging to succeed.
Q.8 How often do you feel it’s necessary to meet with your team?
I meet at least once a week. Team meeting provide not only platform for performance review but also to get together and discuss issues and best practices. It is also the opportunity to celebrate successes and strategize for challenges.
Q.9 How manage cohesion amongst team members who disagree?
I look for common ground between the members who disagree and clarify them about the overall goal and the impact if disagreements persist. I work together so as to have a win/win agreement for both sides.
Q.10 What does your team says about you as a leader?
My team describe me as someone who solves their issues and supports them in challenging times with focus on achieving the goals.
Q.11 How you motivate your team members?
Every team member is unique and I look for what motivates them and then discuss how they can help in achieving the goals for the team. I monitor them and give constructive feedback to help them perform effectively.
Q.12 How do you set an example for your team members?
I set an example by performing my best at everything and maintaining integrity to match my words and actiopns. I also put the same expectations on myself as to the team.
Q.13 Have you ever mentored as a leader?
Yes, I mentored and managed the mentorship by building a strong working relationship with the person, listened to their goals, gave advice, and shared with them my personal experience. I also shared nuances from my past experience, best practices and monitored their progress.
Q.14 Which part of being a leader, you find the most difficult?
The most difficult part as a leader has been, to be lonely when others do not see it the same way.
Q.15 How do you manage change?
Managing change as a leader, involves first embracing it yourself and then ensure the change is communicated with conviction to all. I prepare myself to answer any questions about the change by listening to concerns and helping them accept the change.
Q.16 How will you measure success for a leader?
I consider the goals whcih the team achieves, as the ultimate measure of success as a leader.
Q.17 How you motivate yourself as a leader?
I motivate myself as a leader by my team’s achievement and successes.
Q.18 What you think is the best asset of a leader?
The best asset of a leader is the motivatation and inspiration they provide to their team in achieving the goal of the organization.
Q.19 What do you do when you are unsure about how to achieve the goals of the team?
Uncertain situations to achieve the goals are resolved by being open for fedback and having a constant monitoring of the situation. I also use all the resources available to me to find the best course of action.
Q.20 You more comfortable with verbal or written communication?
I am comfortable with both types of communication. But, I feel that verbal communication is more effective as able to see the body language of others.
Q.21 How you deliver bad news to your team members?
I bring all the team members together and state the news. I also explain all details about the news as per best of my knowledge covering its causes and impact. I then listen and address concerns of the team members.
Q.22 What will you say about competition among a team as a leader?
I believe competition among a team helps build high level of cohesion and makes everyone perform their best. As a leader I ensure that the competition is in good spirits.
Q.23 Did you ever made a difficult decisions as a leader?
The most difficult decisions as a leader I made was to let an team mmeber go as the team memeber was not performing well and the decision was also right. Though, to make such a decision is never easy as it impacts a person’s life.
Q.24 Did you faced criticism as a leader?
Yes, I had faced criticism as a leader when desired goals were not achieved and the criticism helped to better myself. I introspect during criticism about wrongs which I might had made and work on improving that aspect and furthering my personal and professional growth.
Q.25 Did you reorganized your team as a leader?
Yes, during a project I had to reorganize my team as a leader to address an urgent requirement for achieving the goals of the organization.
Q.26 What had been your role in the success of your team?
I have played many roles as a leader of the team in their success. The roles involved planning, delegation and monitoring of tasks in discussion with tream members. As a leader I had to motivate and backup in any eventuality the team members faced.
Q.27 How convince people who do not report to you?
I focus on having effective and clear communication with people who do not report to me. I am aware of their concerns and listen to their feedback so as to have a mutually inspiring and fostering environment.
Q.28 How you resolve conflict in your team?
Conflicts in a team arise due to disagreements and I listen to both sides to understand their views and act as an mediator to faciltate agremment amongst the different views. I focus on common ground and I start there and build to take all on the borad.
Q.29 Did an team member disagreed with your directive and how you managed it?
Yes, there have been instances when team member disagree with my directives then, I listen to their views and fovcus on their disagreement. I excplain them the right thing to do for following the directive and how we all as a team benefits and if not, how it will impact.
Q.30 How you delegate tasks to your team?
Task delegation is crucial for task completion and goal achievement. I use the SMART approach for task design and delagte tasks as per the skills and strength of the team mmeber. I also monitor the delegated tasks for their completion.
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