Global Business Leadership Interview Questions

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Q.1 How will you measure success for a manager?
I consider the goals whcih the team achieves, as the ultimate measure of success as a manager.
Q.2 How you motivate yourself as a manager?
I motivate myself as a manager by my team’s achievement and successes.
Q.3 What do you do when you are unsure about how to achieve the goals of the team?
Uncertain situations to achieve the goals are resolved by being open for fedback and having a constant monitoring of the situation. I also use all the resources available to me to find the best course of action.
Q.4 You more comfortable with verbal or written communication?
I am comfortable with both types of communication. But, I feel that verbal communication is more effective as able to see the body language of others.
Q.5 How you deliver bad news to your team members?
I bring all the team members together and state the news. I also explain all details about the news as per best of my knowledge covering its causes and impact. I then listen and address concerns of the team members.
Q.6 Did you had to change a decision due to new facts
Yes, I had to change a decision about reporting in a process which was done in excel sheets being emailed every day in evening to keep track of data for the day but with implementation of a new IT system, I decided to do away with the excel sheet based process.
Q.7 How do you achieve objectives in a fast-paced environment?
A fast-paced environment can be managed effectively and objectives be achieved if all the team members are aware of the objectives and the timeliness for achieving them. I place milestones for each member to be updated on their progress.
Q.8 Had you made a decision without all the relevant facts?
Yes, I had to decide about social media based marketing campaign for the company which we as a company didn't had any experience. It could turn out to be a waste of time and the resources. But seeing the potential and low costs, I decided a go ahead by keeping myself updated on related information and best practices for it. We were able to achieve a decent success with measurable results.
Q.9 How you prepare and present arguments to others?
All arguments I prepare, are based on facts and are objective. I analyze all aspects of an argument first to be prepared for when I present my position.
Q.10 How you manage difficult and important task as a manager?
As a manager managing difficult and important task involves driving the whole team and, ensuring that all the team members are on same page and aware of the goals to achieve.
Q.11 What initiative had you taken to improve or develop the individual skills of your team members?
As a manager of the team, I suggest and nudge my team members in attending relevant training, workshops to improve or strengthen their job and interpersonal skills. I list and schedule available options with HR department for the same.
Q.12 How you manage if you are not clear about achieving your goals on time?
If I have any doubt regarding achieving my goals on time, I ask for inputs and help from my team members to resolve the impasse. It helps in coming up with a new and clear steps to achieve my goals on time.
Q.13 What are your strengths as a manager?
As a manager, my strength is having extensive experience on being aware of the new technologies as well as managing the present technologies in achieving the goals for the company. I also leverage my skills and education for effective and efficient management of the team and processes.
Q.14 How you manage your time?
As a manager, to manage team or process involves many tasks on a daily basis and which need to be finished in a specific time. I use to do lists, prevent time wasters and optimize my work environment for more productivity, helps me in managing tome effectively.
Q.15 What are your views on over supervision as a manager?
Over supervision by a manager involves giving more direction to team members than what is needed which leads to team member being frustrated and angry. This further leads to the team member stopping taking risks, avoiding making decisions on their own, and their participation and initiation come down.
Q.16 What are your views on under supervision as a manager?
Under supervision by a manager refers to giving directions to team member though it requires direction and close supervision. This leads to higher probability for failure and increased frustration in the team.
Q.17 How you communicate a good vision?
A good vision is persuasive, credible, identify purpose and builds loyalty by involving employees.
Q.18 What you think about operational effectiveness?
Operational effectiveness refers to performing similar activities better than rivals perform them.
Q.19 What do you understand by productivity frontier?
Productivity frontier is a economic axis to describe a company's position in the market.
Q.20 How does the globalisation impacts strategic complexity?
Globalisation impacts strategic complexity due to increased opportunities to trade with ease in new markets.
Q.21 Which values are the most important to as a manager?
The most important value that I cherish and value is integrity. I am honest in my actions personally and professionally, which establish my credibility as a manager. I have conviction in my words and actions as I maintain integrity in spirit.
Q.22 How will you gain commitment from your team?
I gain commitment from my teams by motivating and directing the team to the laid down objectives and influencing and persuading them to be a integral part of the process. Team relates to the goals to be achieved and I focus on developing the team culture and team work to have cooperation and cohesion in the team.
Q.23 What is your greatest strength as a manager?
My greatest strength as a manager is in leading and motivating a team to excel in their work and achieve their goals. I am passinate about developing the team culture and influencing those around me.
Q.24 What is your greatest weakness as a manager?
My greatest weakness as a manager has been too much attention to detail which sometimes sucks up more time and is a irritant for others. I have worked on this and I am able to address this weakness by effective delegation and using technology.
Q.25 How you convince others to accept your ideas as a manager?
Gaining buy-in from others involves talking about the benefits of my idea and its applcation. I am also open to other thoughts and make suitable changes so that all can agree. I also develop procedures to implement the ideas as a manager so that agreed goals are achieved as discussed with all.
Q.26 How you appreciate team members?
Appreciating team mmebers is essential aspect of motivation and also showcasing the team to learn the best practices. I look for team meetings to appreciate the deserving team member and recognize their success before all. I also put in Linkedin recommendation and make a note to mention it during appraisals. If there are any performance incentives, I make it sure that the team member is granted.
Q.27 Are you more effective in a group or one on one basis?
My experience is that I am more effective in a group as the diversity of the skills, knowledge and qualities of the individuals help helps the team to excel and achieve their goals. Team also acts as a learnign platform for those lagging to succeed.
Q.28 How often do you feel it’s necessary to meet with your team?
I meet at least once a week. Team meeting provide not only platform for performance review but also to get together and discuss issues and best practices. It is also the opportunity to celebrate successes and strategize for challenges.
Q.29 How manage cohesion amongst team members who disagree?
I look for common ground between the members who disagree and clarify them about the overall goal and the impact if disagreements persist. I work together so as to have a win/win agreement for both sides.
Q.30 What does your team says about you as a manager?
My team describe me as someone who solves their issues and supports them in challenging times with focus on achieving the goals.
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