If you are preparing for a role as Environmentalist, then you will find these interview question and answers helpful for your next job interview.

Q.1 What does carbon management identify for an organization?
Areas for reduction in emissions and potential energy efficiency projects.
Q.2 What's the harmful effect of POPs on humans
Endocrine disruption and Gene mutation
Q.3 What is the first step in ISO 14000 certification process
Creating an EMS
Q.4 Which act makes EIA clearance mandatory for big projects undertaken by the Government or public sector undertakings?
Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986
Q.5 What does the waste handling and transport system of Envac, uses?
They use underground conduits with a vacuum system.
Q.6 What is the crucial feature of EMS?
1. A systematic way of managing an organization’s environmental affairs
2. A tool, or process, to improve environmental performance and information
3. Order and consistency for organizations to address environmental concerns
Q.7 What are the features that are considered important to maintain the physical environment that we exist in?
This is purely an open-ended question that permits the interviewer to have an insight into the philosophical position on environmental issues. You are required to give a balanced diplomatic answer and only express marginal beliefs only if you can back them up with some suitable real-time illustrations. Also if you state an issue currently in the news to reinforce your answer it will do in your favour.
Q.8 Why do you want to work in the environmental sector?
You should consider this as a good opportunity to get across to the employer and convince him that you are motivated to work. One of the best approach would be to say that you find environmental issues interesting and this is the reason you want to pursue employment in this sector. In case there is a particular issue you are concerned with, or hold expertise, be sure to highlight this. Also ensure you are up to date with environmental issues in the news.
Q.9 According to you, what is the most pressing environmental issue currently?
This type of question may appear to be a right or wrong answer but does not fall in this category. The question give you the opportunity to discuss your beliefs and what you consider as the most pressing issue in the environmental sector. It really does not matter what you discuss or consider as long as you have a viable justification for your choice. Some of the issues you may wish to discuss could include global warming, energy resources, deforestation, desertification or declining bio-diversity.
Q.10 What do you like about being an environmentalist?
Clearly the intention of the interviewer is to understand what you enjoy most about being an environmental scientist. This factor is likely to motivate you on the toughest of day and move forward. Sample Answer - It is very important for me to be on top of environmentally related issues and finding solutions for them, as it is very exciting to be a part of the process. Also the ever-changing landscape of the environment is extremely fast-paced and helps to keep me engaged and motivated on a daily basis.
Q.11 What do you consider as the most challenging part of supervising as an environmentalist?
As an environmental scientist you may face difficulties with the other employees. There could be interpersonal conflicts on a team or having employees with adverse attitudes towards approaching a given issue. You are suggested to demonstrate the interviewer that you are capable of handling challenging leadership situations. In case you do not have experience in a leadership role, then site examples you have had in the past from a great supervisor. State that you would like to emulate that person's leadership style. Sample Answer - One of the most challenging part as environmentalist with reference to supervising is to figure out the style of communication works for each person and finding out each persons style of management.
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