Digital Transformation Leader Interview Questions

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Q.1 What does digital transformation mean to you?
Digital transformation refers to the transformation brought by digital technologies. It is concerned with the usage of digital technologies like cloud computing and social networking and their usage for changing the organization working.
Q.2 Why digital transformation is important?
Digital transformation is crucial as due to new technologies, there is change in consumer behavior over time and organization has failed to evolve naturally. Hence, companies must transform digitally to continue to have customers.
Q.3 Does digital transformation is important for all types of businesses?
The relevance of digital transformation depends upon various factors and is not applicable for all companies or businesses. The nature of business, size and process of the company are determining factor.
Q.4 What are the elements of digital transformation?
Digital transformation requires a clear vision for the organization and a well-tested strategy for implementation and addressing changes due to a digital transformation. The planning and implementation of digital transformation form the core elements of digital transformation.
Q.5 Which factor will help in implementing digital transformation?
Collaboration amongst the implementation team and stakeholders is the crucial factor which helps in implementing digital transformation. Information sharing helps to prevent silos.
Q.6 What are the main obstacles in digital transformation?
The lack of an informed strategic view of the company is the main obstacles in digital transformation of the organization. Management is responsible for assessing and implementing digital transformation and an informed strategic view is lacking, it poses serious challenge for even assessing the need for digital transformation.
Q.7 What role does the budget play in digital transformation?
Budget is the fuel over which digital transformation runs and is needed to make the transformation journey smooth. Budget helps in completing both short term and long term plans of digital transformation planning and assessment.
Q.8 What is meant by a digital business platform?
DBP or a digital business platform refers to the orchestration and integration of various tools to form a platform for the planning and delivery of digital business ranging from high-level platforms which enable a platform business model to low-level platforms which provide a collection of business or technology capabilities
Q.9 What is the need for DBP or digital business platform?
DBP or a digital business platform caters to needs of the company at different levels and hence is multi-dimensional. DBP helps in addressing the cost factor in digital transformation as it removes the need for creating and maintaining the digital tools internally and instead the platform is used for the purpose.
Q.10 How the digital business platform does is better than the others?
The digital business platform offers various facilities which includes options for cloud-based and API services. These offerings provide the ability to pay as you go model with access to latest features and usability. The digital business platform also offers various metrics for measuring engagement to better user experience.
Q.11 What do you think of most important role of a digital transformation leader?
As a digital transformation leader my focus is to strategize, plan and deliver digital transformation along with leadership for achieving the same. Fulfilment of the customer demand with least cost while maintaining optimum quality is also of prime importance to me. Digital transformation technologies enable more efficient and effective processes to the company.
Q.12 How do you see yourself in next five year in digital transformation leadership?
I see myself with a bright future as many new technologies and offerings are coming up in digital transformation especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. I will gain more skills and knowledge in the digital transformation domain as needed by my organization to be competitive.
Q.13 What is the impact of digital transformation on the goals of a company?
Digital transformation helps companies to better address the changing markets and consumers. New digital technologies are disrupting the markets and customer behaviour especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital transformation enables an organization to fulfil the customer’s need at right time, place and cost. The long term impact of digital transformation is addition of efficiency and cost reduction with an effective process delivery and short term impact of digital transformation is being competitive and relevant in the market.
Q.14 How you manage subordinates in your team?
Managing subordinates is very important for planning and delivery of digital transformation leader in the organization. I manage subordinates on the basis of their role in the team and skill level which they possess. I also maintain a motivational environment in the team so as to deliver services as per laid down KPIs (key performance indicators).
Q.15 How you maintain discipline in your team?
Maintaining discipline in the team is of prime importance for a productive environment. I maintain discipline by making every team member aware of the applicable HR rules and regulatory laws for the same. During any disciplinary action against a team member, I do a 1 to 1 meeting in private so that the employee has the chance to correct himself and prevent hostile work environment in future.
Q.16 What role does collaboration across functions play in digital transformation?
The digital transformation journey is a collaborative effort and is an organization-wide process. As a collaboration leader, collaboration amongst all stakeholders is needed for the success of digital transformation.
Q.17 How you will develop the right mindset for digital transformation?
Developing the right mindset for digital transformation is a structured process to make all stakeholders aware of the benefits of digital transformation in present as well as for the future of the company. It also involves delivering the business value of a technology. An open attitude towards accepting changes helps in developing the right mindset.
Q.18 How does communication take place during digital transformation in an organization?
Communication is very crucial for digital transformation as it helps information exchange and keeps everyone aware of the developments and path of digital transformation. Communication takes place in all formats and is not limited to written communication only and takes place in verbal and non-verbal formats across the company.
Q.19 What tasks are performed by a digital transformation leader?
A digital transformation leader is responsible for leading and managing the digital transformation planning and implementation for the organization. The digital transformation leader performs strategic analysis and plans for digital transformation for better addressing the changing market after the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital transformation leader is also responsible for having an efficient and effective digital transformation for the company to achieve the organizational goals as per the specified KPIs (key performance indicators).
Q.20 How do you assign goals to your team?
I assign goals to my team members by using the SMART approach for goals definition and assignment. I also consider the availability of the resource and skill level of the team member for goal assignment.
Q.21 Why you are suitable as digital transformation leader?
As a digital transformation leader, I am having extensive experience in planning and implementing digital transformation for the company. I have requisite digital transformation leadership skills including: communication, leadership, motivation and coping under pressure which are of importance for digital transformation leader role.
Q.22 Do you feel satisfied with your role as digital transformation leader?
Yes, I feel satisfied as digital transformation leader as I am able to make the organization more competitive and utilize the opportunities offered by digital transformation. Being a digital transformation leader helps the organization have long term benefits of market share and short term gains in efficiency with lowering of costs.
Q.23 How you keep yourself updated of new trends in digital transformation?
Digital transformation is still evolving and is seeing newer technologies being offered. I update myself by attending digital transformation industry seminars, conferences as available online or offline.
Q.24 What is your greatest work-related accomplishment as a digital transformation leader?
My greatest work-related accomplishment as a digital transformation leader has been the digital transformation of various repetitive and manual process of the organization by implementing automation and implementing within the time and budget constraints.
Q.25 What are your strengths as a digital transformation leader?
As a digital transformation leader I am having extensive experience in various digital transformation enabling technologies as well as managing digital transformations as well. I also have the requisite leadership skills for digital transformation leadership.
Q.26 How you manage conflict in your team for digital transformation?
Conflicts arise due to disagreements amongst the team members. I primarily focus on the reason for conflict. If needed I apply conflict management technique like collaborating, forcing, accommodating or compromising as per the situation.
Q.27 What will you do for under performance by your subordinates in the team during digital transformation?
Under performance by team member is addressed by analyzing the root cause for the same and is identified first. Subordinates usually are also not well experienced hence; their feedback is also taken to arrive at correct resolution of underperformance.
Q.28 How do you prioritize tasks related to digital transformation implementation?
Digital transformation implementation involves many tasks on a day to day basis. Tasks also need to be prioritized to accomplish the organizational goals as per the specified KPIs (key performance indicators). Prioritization of tasks is done on the basis of various factors and crucial ones are: the tasks relevance, urgency, cost involved and resource availability.
Q.29 How you delegate tasks to subordinates in your team for digital transformation?
Digital transformation involves a host of tasks, which needs to be managed for preventing any deviation in performance. Task delegation to subordinates is done as per their skill level, availability and past performance.
Q.30 Why do you want the digital transformation leader job?
I want the digital transformation leader job as I am passionate about making companies more efficient by using new technologies and take stock of present technology portfolio to maximize their utility.
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