Warehouse Manager

Most common questions and answers used to hire for jobs in Warehousing. We’ve compiled a list of the most common and frequently asked Warehouse Manager interview questions. If you want to ace your job interview, then checkout these Interview Questions.

Q.1 What are the objectives of EIA?
The objectives of EIA are: 1. To check the environmental acceptability of the proposals compared to the capacity of the site and the receiving environment. 2. To ensure that resources are used appropriately and efficiently. 3. To identify appropriate measures for mitigating the potential impacts of the proposal.
Q.2 How is cycle time computed?
Cycle time is the total time from the beginning to the end of your process. It is computed as : daily operating time divided by the desired output .
Q.3 Which order picking strategy involves products being picked from defined areas in the warehouse ?
Zone picking involves products being picked from defined areas in the warehouse. The area is divided into individual pick zones, and operators assigned there will only pick items within that zone. Products in a zone can be stored in flow racks or shelving.
Q.4 What is the major problem addressed by the warehouse layout strategy?
The major problem addressed by the warehouse layout strategy is addressing trade-offs between space and material handling .
Q.5 What is field warehouse?
A field warehouse is a facility established primarily to hold material serving as collateral for a loan.
Q.6 How has your education helped you to prepare for a career as a Warehouse Manager/Supervisor?
In this question You should provide an overview of your highest level of completed education together with your schooling and degree received so far. Mention about any recent training seminars or conferences which are directly connected. You can refer how your education prepared you for multi-task, manage busy workload and helped you to prepare for complex team projects. Also state that your education has provided you with a good foundation, and also mention that there will still be things to learn once you are on the job.
Q.7 How much experience do you have in supervising?
It is suggested to be open and honest with the interviewer by sharing the supervising experience you have. Like if you have experience with interviewing, making hiring decisions, writing performance reviews, mentoring, coaching, etc but just be sure to mention everything in your bouquet. Your answer will assist the interviewer understand the type of training required to be successful in the role.
Q.8 What is the primary role of a warehouse manager according to you?
The primary role and responsibilities of a Warehouse Manager is smooth functioning of a warehouse. This may involve doing inventory, maintaining the facility’s equipment, and ensuring efficient dispatch of products from the warehouse. Also a warehouse manager in charge of hiring, scheduling, coaching and monitoring warehouse assistants and other staff of the organization.
Q.9 What are the required skills and knowledge of warehouse management?
Some of the commonly required skills and knowledge in warehouse management includes knowledge of operating a forklift, handling hazardous materials, and awareness of Department of Transportation requirements. The task might require more specific hard skills such as HAACP/GMP/GDP etc. Now it is the hiring managers decision to go for industry knowledge or experience in warehouse management,
Q.10 What are the challenges you are looking for in this position?
This question is asked to determine what you are looking for in the next job and whether you are a good fit for the position being hired for. The best way to answer this question is to discuss about the challenges you are seeking and how you will be able to effectively utilize skills and experience if you are hired for the job. Also you should mention that you are motivated by challenges and have skills necessary to handle a challenging job. You can also describe specific examples of the challenges you have met and goals achieved in the past.
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