International Logistics Management

International Logistics is one of the key area of supply chain management. If you are preparing for a role in International Logistics, then you will find these interview question and answers helpful for your next job interview.

Q.1 What will be the result of Indian rupee appreciation against the US Dollar
Raise the cost to Americans for Indian imports
Q.2 What can be inferred if British Pound's value see an change from $1.50 to $1.25
the pound has depreciated and the dollar has appreciated
Q.3 What can be concluded if the US dollar changes from 0.5 to 0.75 against British Pound
the pound has appreciated and the dollar has depreciated
Q.4 What will be the deduction of exchange rate for euro in the exchange market moves from 0.9 euros to 1.0 euros to the dollar
the euro has depreciated and the dollar has appreciated.
Q.5 Which incoterm means the seller's responsibility is to make the goods available at the seller's premises
Q.6 Which incoterm means that the seller’s responsibility is complete when the goods have arrived at the frontier but before the customs border of the country named in the sales contract
Q.7 Which incoterm means the seller fulfills its obligation to deliver when it has handed over the goods, cleared for export, into the charge of the carrier named by the buyer at the named place
Q.8 Which incoterm has the additional requirement that the seller purchases insurance against the risk of loss or damage to goods
Q.9 Which incoterm means the seller shall make the goods available to the buyer on board the ship at the place named in the sales contract
Q.10 Which incoterm means the seller is responsible for the cost of transporting and delivering goods alongside a vessel in a port in his country
Q.11 Which incoterm means the seller has agreed to make the goods available to the buyer on the quay at the place named in the sales contract
Q.12 Which incoterm means the goods are placed on board the ship by the seller at a port of shipment named in the sales agreement
Q.13 Which incoterm has in addition the seller pays for the insurance against loss of damage
Q.14 Which incoterm has seller has to bear the costs involved in shipping the goods as well as the costs and risks of carrying out customs formalities
Q.15 Which method of goods distribution may result in Bullwhip Effect
pull method
Q.16 State whether the following statement holds True or false - "Multi-Modal and Inter-Modal transport are same"
Yes, it is true
Q.17 An AWB or BL is issued by the
carrier of the goods
Q.18 What is the first step in processing export order
Ready the product
Q.19 IEC Code is issued by
Q.20 Authorized Dealer Code (AD code) is a code
14 digit
Q.21 Authorized Dealer Code (AD code) is provided by the
Q.22 eBRC has been introduced by
Q.23 eBRC uses which file format for data exchange
Q.24 Under which pricing strategy, you keep your product’s price flexible and responsive to market conditions like demand and supply, inflation
Market-driven pricing
Q.25 Which GST type is applicable on exports or imports
Integrated GST
Q.26 The Export Inspection Council (EIC) is
official export-certification authority, to certify the safety and quality of products that are exported from India
Q.27 What is the first step while dispatching an export order
Checking and confirming the order
Q.28 Freight shipments are broken down into
18 classes
Q.29 In which bill of lading type, a clear instruction is provided to make the delivery of the goods to anyone having the possession of the original copy of the bill, which itself signifies the title and control of the freight.
Negotiable bill of lading
Q.30 What is a document that provides the details of the sales transaction like name of seller and buyer, the value and quantity of the goods sold
A commercial invoice
Q.31 When does the exporter must provide the information on shipped products container-wise
Q.32 Which type of shipping bill is printed on yellow paper and is meant for goods that are to be exported on payment of export duty
Dutiable Shipping Bill
Q.33 Which type of Letter of Credit (LC) may be cancelled anytime without a prior notice to the beneficiary
Revocable LC
Q.34 What is used when the exporter wishes to get the payment before the importer collects the goods from the port
A sight bill of exchange
Q.35 Select the kind of invoice factor lending, in which if the buyer of the goods does not pay the invoice dues, then the seller is liable to buy the defaulted invoices from the factoring company
Q.36 Which group of Incoterms, the goods are placed at the disposal of the buyer at the seller’s premises / factory
“E” Terms
Q.37 Select the INCOTERM where the delivery of goods happen at the place of business of the seller, and the shipment is the responsibility of the buyer.
Ex Works (EXW)
Q.38 Select the INCOTERM where all costs up to the point of delivery to a nominated terminal have to be covered, and the unloading of the goods at the terminal is the responsibility of the seller.
Delivered At Terminal (DAT)
Q.39 Which INCOTERM for sea and inland waterway involves the seller places the goods with other non-containerised cargo and the risk transfers to the buyer when the goods are delivered at the destination port and unloaded
Free Alongside Ship (FAS)
Q.40 Commercial Invoice is prepared by the
Q.41 Bill of exchange is generated by the
Q.42 Select the pricing strategy in which involves you charging a higher price for your product to recover preliminary expenses and reap high profits but decreasing it to increase market share
skimming pricing
Q.43 Which bill of lading type, fixes a specific consignee/name of the receiver to whom the freights will be shipped and delivered.
Non- Negotiable bill of lading
Q.44 Which type of shipping bill is printed on white paper and is for goods exported without duty payment
Duty-Free Shipping Bill
Q.45 What is the most secured payment mode under international trade
Letter of Credit (Import LC)
Q.46 What is bonded storage in a public warehouse?
The products being stored in a public warehouse and no duties or taxes paid until the products leave the facility
Q.47 What are the functions of ICD/CFS ?
1. receipt and dispatch/delivery of cargo 2. stuffing and stripping of containers 3. transit operations by rail/road to and from serving ports
Q.48 If the cargo is returned mid way due to natural calamity, then which type of sea freight rate is applied
Pro-rata is charged if circumstances make it impossible to continue the voyage further and the shipper accepts delivery at intermediate port
Q.49 Which type of container is used to transport meat?
Reefer containers are big fridges that are used to transport temperature controlled cargoes such as fruits, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, dairy
Q.50 What is Intermodalism?
Intermodalism refers to the movement of containerized freight through a coordinated transportation system that uses multiple delivery vehicles.
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