Contract Law

If you're interviewing for law jobs, you're probably wondering what type of questions you'll be asked. Here are some most common interview questions on Contract Law to help you in your job preparation.

Q.1 Which Indian state is exempted under the Indian contract act, 1872?
Jammu & Kashmir
Q.2 How many types does contract can be classified into, on basis of formation?
A contract can be classified into 3 cateogies on the basis of formation.
Q.3 Which section of Indian contract Act, 1872 focuses on free consent?
Section 10 of Indian Contract Act, 1872 focuses on free consent
Q.4 What is essential of a valid contract?
The essential elements of a Valid Contract are: Offer and Acceptance. In order to create a valid contract, there must be an agreement between the two parties. An offer from one party to do or abstain from doing a particular act and its acceptance by the other party are two basic elements of an agreement.
Q.5 What does section 25 of Indian contract Act, 1872 enlists?
Agreement made without consideration
Q.6 What is Nudum Pactum?
A promise without consideration
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