Router Support

If you are a Router Support person looking for your next job, then checkout these frequently asked questions in Router Support to prepare for the next job.

Q.1 Which IOS command is used to monitor ipx traffic on an network?
show ipx traffic
Q.2 Which command will allow for both sap and Novell-ether encapsulations on one Ethernet interface of the Cisco router?
interface ethernet 0.1ipx encapsulation Novell-ether ipx network 9e interface ethernet 0.2 ipx encapsulation sap ipx network 6c
Q.3 What is the duration in seconds for update of routing tables under Novell’s implementation of RIP?
Q.4 Which metric is used to make routing decisions for Novell’s use of RIP?
Q.5 Link-state routing is provided by which NetWare protocol?
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