Facility Management

Facility management (FM) is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment. If you are having an interview scheduled, checkout these questions to prepare.

Q.1 What will you do for under performance by your subordinates?
Focusing on the reason for under performance is tasked first. Subordinates may be not well experienced and feedback from them also helps in resolution.
Q.2 How do you prioritize facility management related tasks?
Task priority depends upon various factors like the tasks relevance, urgency, cost involved and resource availability.
Q.3 How you delegate tasks to subordinates?
Task delegation amongst subordinates is dependent upon their skill level, availability and past performance.
Q.4 How do you organize information and paper work on facility management?
Following a proper routine every day, prioritization and proper document organization, helps organize information related to facility management projects.
Q.5 What is the utility of electrostatic precipitators?
Electrostatic precipitators are used for removal of fine particles of combustion.
Q.6 A heavy stone should be used in
A heavy stone should be used in retaining walls
Q.7 List the stone type for rubble masonry
A hard stone type is apt for rubble masonry
Q.8 Enlist any advantage of using plywood
Plywood has same tensile strength in all directions
Q.9 List the main ingredients of Portland cement
Lime and silica are the main ingredients of Portland cement
Q.10 Does strength of cement, under storage increases?
No, strength of cement, under storage decreases.
Q.11 What are the elements of cement concrete?
Cement, sand and aggregate are the elements of cement concrete
Q.12 List features of lacquer paint
Lacquer paint is usually applied on structural steel, consists of resin and nitro-cellulose and is less durable as compared to enamel paints.
Q.13 List features of fibre glass
Fibre glass has a higher strength to weight ratio and is shock proof and fire retardant
Q.14 What should be the minimum thickness of load bearing RCC wall be?
100 mm should be the minimum thickness of load bearing RCC wall
Q.15 Why cracks appear in a building?
Cracks appear in a building sue to various reasons and major reasons are: moisture content change, temperature variation or loading
Q.16 Identify the lighting type which illuminates the entire room
Ambient lighting illuminates the entire room
Q.17 List the indoor lighting being used for over 100 years
Incandescent light bulb is used for over 100 years
Q.18 List the most efficient and has lowest electricity consumption indoor lighting
LED is the most efficient and has lowest electricity consumption indoor lighting
Q.19 Can a minor be a competent as a party of contract?
No, a minor cannot be a competent as a party of contract
Q.20 Does a lunatic be competent as a party of contract?
No, a lunatic cannot be a competent as a party of contract
Q.21 How you manage time?
I manage time by using time management techniques like using lists, being aware of time wasters and optimizing work environment
Q.22 Building automation system (BAS) uses which protocol to track events
SNMP protocol is used to track events by BAS
Q.23 What is the benefit of good facility maintenance?
Good facility maintenance ensures safety, efficiency and reliability
Q.24 List the maintenance type done before failure
Preventive maintenance is done before failure
Q.25 Enlist the maintenance type carried out on a regular basis
Planned maintenance is carried out on a regular basis
Q.26 Which maintenance type is applied in replacing cracked roofing tiles before inclement weather? Preventive maintenance is used.
Q.27 Which maintenance type is applied in replacing broken window or guttering?
Corrective maintenance is used.
Q.28 Reliability-centered maintenance or RCM focuses on?
RCM focuses on impact of a failure
Q.29 How you will manage the data related to facilities management?
Managing data and metrics for facilities management involves continuous monitoring of data across the facilities for taking efficient and effective decisions.
Q.30 What has been your experience with IoT products?
Internet of Things or IoT, is the emerging technology for facility management by presenting data related to facility condition, utilization and maintenance. They have automated many manual tasks. I had used and managed many types of devices from global leaders including Trimble, Clearblade, Igor and Actility. IoT devices have been used for improved utilization and maintenance.
Q.31 What do you understand by crisis management?
Yes, crisis management refers to managing any crisis situation and involves us as leaders to plan, delegate, and solve problem in crisis situations. I performed crisis management planning by developing SOP for dealing with most probable for incidents like fire, power outages, storms, earthquake and hostage situations. We conducted simulation and drills on regular basis to keep the staff up to date on dealing with such crisis.
Q.32 How do you approach facility maintenance - proactive or reactive?
Facility maintenance is a continuous process and involves both approaches to deal different scenarios. Proactive approach is used for routine maintenance, managing vendors, standardizing processes, creating and reviewing SOP and automating if applicable. Reactive approach is suitable for emergency or adversity and involves staff training and equipment readiness to address the same.
Q.33 What are current FM technologies you dealt with?
I have extensive experience with multiple FM technologies which includes EAM or Enterprise Asset Management and CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
Q.34 What do you think of most important role of a facilities manager?
Efficient and effective facility management is the most important role of a facilities manager
Q.35 How do you see yourself in next five year in facility management?
I want use my skills and knowledge for efficient and effective facility management to add value to the business and as well as gain more knowledge and skills for maintaining it.
Q.36 What is the impact of facility management on the goals of a company?
Efficient and effective facility management helps create a conducive environment for employees to perform better as well as maintain the allocated budgets and not be a financial strain. Facility management impacts across the business in all aspects of functioning as all departments are provided with a conducive environment for working.
Q.37 What was your schedule for landscaping maintenance?
Landscaping maintenance had been standardized with clear deliverables and was outsourced. Regular checks as per KPI were done by staff. Feedback was also considered from employees and the vendor. We maintained the landscaping by inspecting the weekly and monthly milestones by keeping the ground attractive, proper lawn care and managing curb appeal and aesthetics so as to prevent personal injury and exterior hazards
Q.38 Illustrate about your management of subordinates for facility management
I supervised subordinates as per their role and function which included: plumber, electrician and other maintenance workers. Task delegation, workload and schedule were done as per SOP with staff management was done as a team working as single unit to maintain all the facilities of the company.
Q.39 How will you prepare for natural disaster?
Extensive preparation was done for natural disaster as per the regulations for mitigating disaster risks. Assessment for disaster risk reduction and recovery were made and SOP prepared for various disaster scenarios. Awareness of evacuation procedure and its protocol were spread amongst employees and users of the facility. Markings were done in the property for awareness as per evacuation protocol. Effective measures like securing important power and electrical equipments were taken to prevent property damage and secured them as well.
Q.40 How you contributed to worker improvement and evaluations?
Worker improvement and evaluations are an essential to provide efficient and effective facility management. Weekly evaluations were conducted to identify employee's strengths and weaknesses. Employees were motivated with various financial and non-financial measures for enhancing their skills regularly. Daily, weekly and monthly goals were set for the staff to achieve in improving their skills.
Q.41 How you maintained discipline?
Discipline was maintained as per HR rules and regulations with disciplinary actions were taken as appropriate after explaining to the employee about their wrongs, but in private so as to correct the employee and prevent hostile work environment.
Q.42 How you managed outsourced services?
As per budget allocated, many non-core activities were outsourced with defined KPIs to achieve as per the SOP. Continuous monitoring and reporting is undertaken to assess the rendered services by the vendor. Quality or process issues are addressed on priority.
Q.43 What tasks are performed by a Facility Manager?
Efficient and effective facility management is the primary role of a Facility Manager. Emergency issues about the facility are also addressed with planned SOP as well as awareness amongst users and employees. Maintaining budgets and facility management team is also important.
Q.44 How do you assign goals for your facility management team?
The SMART approach for goals assignment is used with consideration for the resource availability as per organizational objectives to achieve.
Q.45 Why you are suitable as facility management professional?
As facility management professional, I have requisite skills which include: conflict resolution, problem solving, communication and coping under pressure which are of importance for facility management role.
Q.46 When were you most satisfied with your role as facility management professional?
I feel most satisfied as facility management professional when I am able to deliver efficient and effective facility management to company.
Q.47 What steps are taken by you to be updated of new trends in facility management?
I update myself of new trends by attending industry seminars, conferences both in online and offline mode.
Q.48 List your greatest work-related accomplishment.
My greatest work-related accomplishment had been updating and outsourcing the SOP for lawn maintenance as per regulations and hazard prevention within the specified time limits and budget.
Q.49 Enlist your strengths as a facility management professional
As a facility management professional I have extensive experience in efficient and effective facility management of closed and open spaces by using my technical and managerial skills.
Q.50 How you manage conflict?
Conflicts are managed by focusing on the reason for conflict and applying conflict management technique like collaborating, forcing, accommodating or compromising as per the situation.
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