If you are looking for a job in Multimedia Designing, then do checkout these interview questions in DTP to prepare for the job interview. The questions cover various areas like Photoshop, Coral Draw, and Pagemaker etc.

Q.1 What are the important features of a MS Theme/Style sheet?
The most important features of a MS Theme/Style sheet is to always test your child theme with Live Preview before activating.
Q.2 How do you evaluate success as a DTP operator?
The interviewer wishes to understand your opinion and take on the given profile. Sample Answer - I evaluate success as a DTP Operator in different ways. While at work success to me refers to meeting he goals set by the management and targets set by my supervisors and fellow colleagues
Q.3 What are your strengths as a DTP Operator?
This is one of the most common question asked. It is suggested to give an answer that is relevant to your skills and knowledge aligned with the position you are applying for. The only objective is to understand if your strength match with job profile. It is recommended to read the job description and profile thoroughly before the interview. As a DTP operator you must have the eye for details and look for accuracy. Use similar attributes and qualities to avoid repetition.
Q.4 What have you done to improve your knowledge as a DTP Operator?
It is suggested to include some improvement activities that relate to the profile of a DTP Operator like seminars, work-shops, training sessions, group discussions, certification etc. You can include a wide variety of activities taken for self improvement.
Q.5 What is your management style?
As it is rightly said best managers are strong but flexible and that is what is expected of you. You can illustrate that since every situation and every team member requires different strategy you tend to approach your employees as a coach. You can also share some best managerial moments to support your position.
Q.6 Which DOS command is used for making a file?
copy con
Q.7 What does the term pixel denotes?
It denotes picture cell
Q.8 What is reverse text?
White text over black
Q.9 What is letterfit in typography?
It means Spacing between consecutive characters
Q.10 What is the file extension of font files in Windows?
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