Drupal Interview Questions

Drupal is free, open source software that can be used by individuals or groups of users even those lacking technical skills to easily create and manage many types of Web sites. Here we have expert created question and answers that can help you to ace the job interview.

Q.1 What does this mean 5.x-1.0-dev
A nightly development snapshot ("-dev") of a stable release (major revision 1) of a module compatible with any version of Drupal core 5.*.
Q.2 What is a cron?
Command scheduler that executes commands or scripts (groups of commands) automatically at specified time/date intervals.
Q.3 What does Release Candidates release means?
Usually only created once no more critical bugs have been reported in a given beta release
Q.4 What are the modules?
Modules are written in PHP, MYSQL, Linux, Apache environment and perform specific functionality and can be included in the Drupal site. They can also be turned on and off.
Q.5 How to Know which languages are supported in Drupal?
By the fonts and the modules loaded
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