Business Development

Are you a business development manager? Looking for a higher role in business development, then you must go through these question and answers that can help you to prepare for higher roles.

Q.1 As a business development manager, how would you sell unpopular ideas to people?
In order to become a good business development manager one must focus only on the positive aspects of any idea, and then explain how it will benefit someone. Indeed there could be ideas that might be unpopular, but their outcomes are often welcomed once people understand with clarity what is being proposed. The key motivation of a BDM should be hitting targets and achieving goals.
Q.2 How important it is to keep in touch with existing customers?
Indeed the prospective customers is a shining twinkle in the eye of a business development manager - but so are current and returning customers. This business development interview questions points towards the focus at the customers.
Q.3 How do you think your background has prepared you for sales?
This is one of the best business development interview questions that helps to uncover the candidate’s prior experience in the field of development and sales. In which case it becomes important for you to describe your past roles that have led to this profile. Describe specific skills that makes you a more skilled and prepared for the profile.

You must briefly talk about your current employer. Describe some of your most significant accomplishments. You must speak about a few of your key strengths as they relate to the job for which you are applying and how they can benefit from your strengths. Also discuss how you see yourself fitting into a position at their company.
Q.4 What are some words or phrases that resonate with the target customer?
Clearly sales is all about word choice and phrasing, so whether your organization uses a sales script or not, it is always good to check if a candidate naturally gravitates to emotionally-charged words that will strike a chord with buyers.
Q.5 How do you identify leads and then decide the leads to pursue?
There are clearly some leads which can obviously be ruled out immediately. On other hand rest of the leads take a bit more investigation. But remember do not waste time chasing down shiny opportunities, which may give a red flag in the end that would not work out. It is preferred to use more persuasive approach and thereby filter out those leads which confirms to be potential candidate.
Q.6 As a BDM how would you utilize the various departments in an organization to encourage success?
One of the most important BDM interview question which truly identifies the company-wide perception. It has been observed that often sales teams forgets that each department props up the whole. As a good business development manager you are required to answer this question with the interpretation of group strategy. The primary objective is to ask the question that forces a candidate to think about their wider role of managing the relationships that the company cultivated. This includes clients, partners, and their team.
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