Artificial Intelligence

The rapid adoption of AI across global businesses will help the AI market reach about $13 trillion in 2030. AI and ML researchers to interact with business practitioners to build real-world solutions. So if you are a data scientist looking for a job, then these question and answer will surely help you.

Q.1 Let me ask you a very basic question, what is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence as ite name suggests it is an area of computer science emphasizing on the creation of intelligent machine that work and reacts like humans. Robots are the best suited example when it comes to Artificial intelligence.
Q.2 If you have heard of artificial intelligence Neural Networks, then tell what is it?
Artificial intelligence Neural Networks basically models mathematically the way biological brain works of a human, that allows the machine to think and learn the same way the humans do- making them capable of acknowledging things like: speech, objects and animals like we do.
Q.3 List the various areas where AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be used?
In many areas like: Computing, Speech recognition, Bio-informatics, Humanoid robot, Computer software, Space and Aeronautics’s etc. artificial intelligence can be used.
Q.4 Consider the alternate, artificial, compound and natural key, and explain what are they?
Alternate Key: All the candidate keys are known as Alternate Keys, excluding primary keys. Artificial Key: If no obvious key either stands alone or compound is available, then the last resort is to, simply create a key, by assigning a number to each record or occurrence. This is known as artificial key. Compound Key: When no single data element that uniquely defines the occurrence within a construct is there, then integrating multiple elements to create a unique identifier for the construct is known as Compound Key. Natural Key: Natural key is one of the data element that is stored within a construct, which is utilized as the primary key.
Q.5 Give the best way to go for Game playing problem?
To go for game playing problem Heuristic approach is the best way, as it will use the technique based on intelligent guesswork. For better clearity lest take an example, Chess between humans and computers as it will use brute force computation, looking at hundreds of thousands of positions.
Q.6 Name the search method on which the Algorithm is based?
Name the search method on which thw Algorithm is based? An algorithm is based on best first search method, as it gives an idea of optimization and quick choose of path, and all characteristics lie in A* algorithm.
Q.7 What is involved in a Partial order or Planning?
In partial order planning , rather than searching over possible situation it involves searching over the space of possible plans. The basic idea behind this is to construct a plan piece by piece.
Q.8 What are the two different kinds of steps that can be taken in constructing a plan?
a) Add an operator (action) b) Add an ordering constraint between operators
Q.9 In an artificial intelligence, what is the difference between breadth first search and best first search?
These are the two strategies which are quite similar. In best first search, in accordance with the evaluation function, we expand the nodes. While, In accordance to the cost function of the parent node in breadth first search a node is expanded.
Q.10 If you have heard of frames and scripts in “Artificial Intelligence,” then explain what are they?
Frames are a variant of semantic networks which is one of the popular ways of representing non-procedural knowledge in an expert system. By representing “conventionalized situations’ to divide knowledge into substructure a frame which is an artificial data structure is used. Scripts are similar to frames, except the values that fill the slots must be ordered. To organize a knowledge base in terms of the situation that the system should understand, scripts are used in natural language understanding systems.
Q.11 What does the language of FOPL consists of
a) A set of constant symbols b) A set of variables c) A set of predicate symbols d) A set of function symbols e) The logical connective f) The Universal Quantifier and Existential Qualifier g) A special binary relation of equality
Q.12 What can be the consequence between a node and its predecessors while creating Bayesian Network?
While creating Bayesian Network, the consequence between a node and its predecessors is that a node can be conditionally independent of its predecessors.
Q.13 How the Bayesian network can be used?
If a Bayesian Network is a representative of the joint distribution, then it can solve any query by summing all the relevant joint entries.
Q.14 Inductive methods with the power of first order representations is combined by what?
Inductive logic programming combines inductive methods with the power of first order representations.
Q.15 What needed to be satisfied in Inductive Logic Programming?
To come up with a set of sentences for the hypothesis such that the entailment constraint is satisfied, is the objective of an Inductive Logic Programming.
Q.16 Why is Hidden Markov Model (HMMs) used?
For modelling time series data or to model sequence behaviour hidden Markov Models are a ubiquitous tool. In almost all current speech recognition systems, they are used.
Q.17 In Propositional Logic, how logical inference can be solved?
In Propositional Logic, Logical Inference algorithm can be solved by using: a) Logical Equivalence b) Validity c) Satisfying ability
Q.18 Name the process that makes different logical expression looks identical?
‘Unification’ process makes different logical expressions identical. Lifted inferences require finding substitute which can make a different expression looks identical. This whole Process is called unification.
Q.19 What is Turing test?
It is a method to test the machine’s ability to match the human level intelligence. To challenge the human intelligence a machine is used that when it passes the test, it is considered as intelligent. Yet without sufficiently knowing about people to mimic a human a machine could be viewed as intelligent.
Q.20 What is an expert system and its characteristics?
An artificial intelligence program that possesses an expert-level knowledge about a specific area and knows how to utilize its information to react appropriately. To substitute a human expert, these systems have expertise. Their characteristics include – High performance Adequate response time Reliability Understandable
Q.21 Can you please list the advantages of Expert system?
Yes, there are many advantages of Expert system: Consistency Memory Diligence Logic Multiple expertise Ability to reason Fast response Unbiased in nature
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