CAD Interview Questions

Here we are going to list down the frequently asked questions on CAD (Computer Aided Design) for professionals. The questions are created and submitted by professionals to help you to ace the job interview.

Q.1 What do you understand by CAD System?

CAD system has two basic components -

1. Computer Hardware - It consists of graphic workstations, graphic input devices like keyboard, mouse etc, and graphic output devices like printers and plotters.

2. Computer Software - It consists of the operating systems for basic operations, a software packages used for geometric modelling, and application software for design, analysis and synthesis.

Q.2 What are the editing command in CAD?
Since it is necessary to make the corrections and alterations to the entities of a drawing. Editing commands are used for this process. Some of the commonly used editing commands are - Erase, Move, Array, Fillet, Chamfer, Mirror, Rotate, Trim, Copy, Scale etc.
Q.3 What are the Geometric Modelling Techniques used?

Primarily these are various types of geometric models used in CAD some of the most commonly used are -

1. Based on the dimensioning - Two-dimensional modelling and Three-dimensional modelling.

2. Based on the modelling - Wireframe modelling, Surface modelling and Solid modelling.

Q.4 Difference between 2D and 3D.
2D models are best used for design problems, like flat objects and layouts of building. Where on the other hand 3D models are capable of modelling an object in three dimensional according to user instructions. 3D models are helpful in conceptualizing the object since in true 3D models can be displayed in various views and form different angles.
Q.5 What are the advantages of wireframe modelling?

Some if the advantages of wireframe modelling are -

1. It is simple to construct,

2. Designer needs only little training.

3. It needs less memory space,

4. It takes less manipulation time,

5. It is best suitable for manipulation as orthographic, isometric and perspective views.

Q.6 What do you understand by CAD?
CAD is a software program generated to design and shape 2-D and 3-D images. It gives the tools by which a design of the product can be done. Also, it has the option to make a detailed design layout, which can be mechanically drawn by using a source model.
Q.7 Explain the use of CAD.
CAD software is practiced to improve the potency of the designer, enhance the spirit of design, develop communications by documentation, and build a database for production.
Q.8 What are the fields where we can see maximum use of CAD?
CAD is popular among engineers, architects, and builders for generating their building and design layouts which assist them to project the drawing and product.
Q.9 Explain the importance of CAD.
CAD is an essential industrial art widely used in various applications, including shipbuilding, automotive, and aerospace manufacturers, prosthetics, industrial and architectural design, and several more. CAD is also generally used to provide computer animation for specific effects in movies, advertising, and technical handbooks, often known as DCC digital content creation.
Q.10 What are the CAD Applications?
Electronic design Mechanical engineering Architectural design Textile industry Civil engineering Medical
Q.11 Explain the uses of CAD.
CAD can be practiced by professionals to imagine the imaginary view of the product on a system. In CAD, it is possible for the drafter to make the modifications to the product before it gets concluded for design and prototyping. It also provides the freedom for the designer to achieve their many ideas and express them to the suppliers or their clients before going actual product and prototypes of the design.
Q.12 What are the steps included in Product Creation and Development?
The first is product development when the entire design documentation is produced based on the customer, market, and financial demands. The production requires manufacturing equipment, like machine tools, tools, molds, etc. And if there are no exist, we have to make them. Then the manufacturing equipment has to purchase or formulate, which sometimes needs a lot of time and it has a powerful cost. The last step is production, which indicates part production and assembly.
Q.13 What is the file formats utilized in CAD design?
In CAD, the .dwg file format is utilized for design, it can be an interchangeable form. The file format which is interchangeable has the extension as DXF and works data operability.
Q.14 Explain Autocad.
Autocad is a software program developed to plan and shape the 2-D and 3-D models. It gives the devices by which a detailed design of the product can be made. It also has the option to perform a detailed design layout, which can be automatically drawn by using a source model.
Q.15 What is the objective of Auto-Cad software?
AutoCAD software gives the design and the pattern for the products that need to be made. It gives flexible and user-friendly features with the mechanisms to create the applications and document the workflows. This includes whole and import models for the forms and usually provides the design to get made without any change in the source model.
Q.16 What are the advantages of using CAD?
Saves time and assists to enhance productivity. It helps to streamline the design and documentation workflow. Physical ‘3D’ prototype of the design can be speedily created by utilizing CAD. 3D models can be imported into CAD by using applications like SolidWorks.
Q.17 What is the function of vertical integration?
AutoCAD practices the vertical integration plan to improve the architectural design of 3D objects. The 3D objects can incorporate walls and other things that are linked with the data having intelligence and association with simple objects like circles and lines. The data is processed such that it shows only the architectural products and the derived files.
Q.18 What are the variants of AutoCad?
AutoCAD LT – It is the lower-cost version of AutoCAD, with diminished capabilities, first released in November 1993. It is sold straight by Autodesk. AutoCAD 360 – Previously marketed as AutoCAD WS, AutoCAD 360 is an account-based mobile and web application allowing registered users to see, edit, and share AutoCAD files via a mobile device and web utilizing a short AutoCAD feature set — and utilizing cloud-stored drawing files.
Q.19 What is the method to draw a line more than 1 time and save it automatically?
When a necessity arises to draw a new line the method opens up a new file in a new session to transcribe the file. Autocad allows preserving multiple drawings for every session. The files are stored by utilizing the file extension .dwg and it can be changed by using the browser.
Q.20 What are the features corrected by CAD?
CAD identifies the problem and corrects it by eliminating the corruption with the drawing characters. With the available option of appending extra vertices, it also joins vertices to the polylines. The error can be fixed or disregarded by discovering out the exact location of polyline that has 0 vertices. The object can be removed after there is no use in the system.
Q.21 What are the measures that allow the drag and drop feature in Autocad?
Autocad gives a way to drag and drop the components by the application of “NOUN” and “VERB” in the dialog box. It enables the object to move from 1 place to another. Furthermore, the remove or editing role can be done by utilizing “MOVE and ERASE”.
Q.22 List the components of the AutoCAD program window.
Quick Access toolbar InfoCenter Application menu Ribbon Drawing area UCS icon (User Coordinate System icon) Drawing area Command window Status bar
Q.23 What is The Ribbon?
The Ribbon is a set of panels groups of tools and characteristics. The name of every Ribbon panel is located in its title bar at the bottom of the panel. Ribbon panels are organized by the tabs that appear above them.
Q.24 What are the differences present in the software's features?
3D Capabilities Network Licensing Customization Management and automation capabilities
Q.25 What will we do when command prompts seem on the command line rather than the ASE dialog box and plot dialog box?
In CAD, the CMDDIA variable constrains the display of dialog boxes. To allow these dialog boxes we have to set CMDDIA to 1.
Q.26 What are the Features included with Auto Cad Ws?
AutoCAD is a principle that gives Mobile Apps (iOS) to be made by giving certain options for edit, view, and share. The user can simply share the applications wherever they go on the fly and it makes generating applications less time-consuming. The applications can be downloaded and installed from many other places that need licensing for the mobile applications.
Q.27 In CAD, what is the command used to turn the grid at 45 degrees?
To turn the grid at 45 degrees, the command UCS is used.
Q.28 How we can copy a closed drawing?
The copying of the closed drawing can be prepared by the designer center in the toolbar of Autocad. By practicing the tree view select the copy of the closed drawing can be done easily. The alteration of the drawing can be done by utilizing a graphical interface.
Q.29 In what circumstance, the command prompt appears rather than a dialog box?
If a file command is shipped from a script or ObjectARX/AutoLISP/ADSRX a command prompt appears rather than a dialog box.
Q.30 What is the procedure to make a User Interface?
The user interface can be generated by utilizing the command prompts to draw the dialog boxes and plots. The promotion of the dialog boxes can be observed by the use of the PLOT command and the external database (ASE) commands. The setting of CMDDIA to 1 takes the position that allows the dialog boxes to operate the command and enter the spaces of use.
Q.31 What are grips?
Grips are little boxes that resemble the objects we select. We can migrate or edit an object by dragging a grip.
Q.32 Comment on the Command window.
At the core of the AutoCAD is the Command window, which is usually docked at the bottom of the application window. The Command window displays options, prompts, and messages.
Q.33 What are System Variables?
System variables are settings that regulate how specific commands work. Sometimes we use a system variable in order to modify a setting. At other times we use a system variable to demonstrate the current status. With system variables, we can turn on or turn off peculiarities, measure the operation of commands and retrieve saved information about the current drawing and about the program configuration.
Q.34 What are we supposed to do when the “Enter Attributes” dialogue does not display?
In this case, two variable controls this function, ATTREQ and ATTDIA , to see the “Enter Attributes” dialogue , make sure both the variables are set to 1 and not 0.
Q.35 What is the Application menu?
The Application menu gives tools to help us manage the AutoCAD files. It is essentially the File pull-down menu from earlier versions of AutoCAD. The Application menu also provides us a convenient way to locate recently used files or to get to a file we already have open.
Q.36 In AutoCAD, what do you think is the function of the Setvar command?
The Server command is one of the elementary commands practiced in AutoCAD. It is particularly used for the determination of changing the values of the system variables. And this is exactly why the command holds peculiar significance against the backdrop of the design application.
Q.37 Why Autocad WS is more popular among mobile users?
Autocad WS gives many options for mobile application developers such as edit, view, and share. They can comfortably share the application wherever they go and can produce an application in a matter of time. The application can be downloaded and installed from anywhere in the world, ignoring the licensing problem. The users can save files in any format and can run the application on any platform with ease.
Q.38 Name some commands given by AutoCAD.
  • Eclipse - to create an eclipse with the major and minor axis.
  • Pol - to create a polygon with a minimum of 3 sides and a maximum of 1024 sides.
  • Rec - to create a rectangle.
  • Co - to copy objects.
  • Cha - to create slant edges to the sharp corners.
  • F - to add round corners to the sharp edges.
  • St - to open the text style window.
  • I - to insert an existing block.
Q.39 What is the DesignCenter palette?
It shows the Block drawings of building symbols.
Q.40 What is the Properties palette?
It displays the Properties palette, in which the common features of a selected line are shown. The line can be modified by entering new figures in parts of the palette.
Q.41 What is a prototype or a drawing template?
A drawing template is a file saved with a .dwt extension. It demonstrates the styles, settings, and layouts in a drawing. It is like setting an environment for the new drawings.
Q.42 How can we make a spring, spiral, or screw thread?
To make a spiral or screw thread practice an AutoLISP routine such as spiral.1sp, it will produce a spiral path according to the need. Then we can use EXTRUDE command with a reference object, using the spiral as the path. Also, there is another way we can do this, by using (MDT) Mechanical Desktop or Autosurf by using augmented lines as paths.
Q.43 What is the maximum number of commands that you can undo using the undo command?
One can undo all the commands since the drawing is loaded into the DrawSpace.
Q.44 What happens if the ‘Qtext’ is being on?
When the 'QText' is on, the drawing regeneration speeds up by replacing text with rectangles.
Q.45 Tell me how we can assign the keyboard characters or function keys to Autocad commands?
By editing the ACCELERATORS section of the Autocad menu file we can assign keyboard characters to Autocad commands.
Q.46 Tell us about the Tool Sets palette.
The Tool Sets palette gives efficient access to AutoCAD commands. Tool flyouts Tool groups Toolsets
Q.47 How can we open a drawing file that was made with the automatic save features?
Autocad files have an extension of “.dwg” and will only open those files having this extension. To open the drawing files we have to rename them, by using Explorer or DOS prompt we can do that. If we are using EXPLORER we have to make sure that the option of “Hide file extensions for known file types” is not enabled. After the file is copied we can rename and use the OPEN command in Autocad to open the drawing.
Q.48 What is the AutoCAD font for mathematical symbols?
MATHC' is the AutoCAD font for mathematical symbols.
Q.49 What will we do when command prompts appear on the command line rather than ASE dialog box and plot dialog box?
In Autocad, CMDDIA variable controls the display of dialog boxes. To allow these dialog boxes we have to set CMDDIA to 1.
Q.50 What is special character string that causes text to be underlined?
We can use '%%u' to underline a text.
Q.51 What can we do with dynamic input?
Launch commands by typing them straight into the drawing area. Return to command prompts in a tooltip or tooltip menu near the cursor, rather than on the command line. View the location of the crosshairs as coordinate values in a tooltip.
Q.52 What is a layout viewport?
A layout viewport is an object that is created in paper space to display a scaled view of model space. We can think of it as a closed-circuit TV monitor that displays part of model space.
Q.53 What are Overlapping Objects?
If we make objects that overlap each other, we might require to change which objects are displayed on top or in front of the others.
Q.54 What are Dockable Windows?
Windows such as the Properties palette, tool palettes, and DesignCenter can be docked, anchored, or floated. Settings for these and other options are often changed on a shortcut menu, available by right-clicking the title bar of the palette or window.
Q.55 What are Task-Based Workspaces?
Workspaces are sets of menus, toolbars, palettes, and ribbon control panels that are grouped and organized so that we can work in a custom, task-oriented drawing environment. When we use a workspace, only the menus, toolbars, and palettes that are relevant to a task are displayed.
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