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If you are looking for a job in the Analytics domain, then you must check out these interview questions in Business Analytics to prepare for a role in the Analytics domain.

Q.1 What does auto calculate feature of MS-Excel do?
Provides a quick way to view the results of an arithmetic operation on a range of cells
Q.2 What does measure of variability indicates?
Measure of variability indicates how well the measure of central tendency represents the entire set of scores.
Q.3 What is the disadvantage of using the sum of squared deviations for measuring variability ?
It does not take N into account.
Q.4 What is the characteristic of measures of central tendency?
Descriptive statistics that identify the best single value for representing a set of data.
Q.5 What is the essence of decision analysis.
The essence of decision analysis is choosing the best course of action among alternatives.
Q.6 While using a pivot table in Excel, when you drop information into the "Values" area in the lower-right corner, the default summarization is by summation. Which tool will you use to change the default summarization?
Value Field Settings
Q.7 According to you, what is the role of a business analyst in an organization?
Since role of a Business Analyst may differ from one organization to another, from one project to another and even from one domain to another. The key role of a Business Analyst is to find out the needs of an organization, finding out their problems, even predicting the future issues to an extent and suggesting the suitable solutions for the same and drive through the organization's achievements.
Q.8 As a business analyst, how will you handle the changes to requirements?
This is one of the most common interview question asked, you are required to play off smart and show that you are capable to handle adverse situations. This can really be the decider question for you. Sample Answer - First and foremost I will get signed a document by the user that states that after a point of time no changes to the requirements are accepted. But in case if there are changes to a requirements are accepted then following steps are taken - 1. Note down the changes made to the requirements and then prioritize them 2. Go through those changes and find out the impact of them on the project. 3. Calculate the cost, timeline, and resources required to cover the impact of change requirements in the project. 4. Ensure that whether those changes affect or create gaps to functional design documents, testing or coding
Q.9 What are the tools that you consider as helpful for business analysis?
Some of the commonly used tools by a Business Analysis are Rational tools, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Power Point, MS Project, ERP systems.
Q.10 What are not the responsibilities of a business analyst?
1. Business Analyst are not supposed to organize the project team meetings. 2. Business Analyst must not bother about the risks and issues tracker of a project. 3. Business Analyst ae not required to perform activities like testing (executing the TC’s), coding or programming.
Q.11 What is scope creep and how should it be avoided?
Scope creep also referred as requirement creep relates to the uncontrolled changes or deviation in the project’s scope given the same resource range for example within same schedule and budget of the project. Clearly this indicates poor project management and a viable risk to a project. Some of the causes of scope creep are poor communication between the project’s stakeholders, or improper documentation of the project’s requirements. We can avoid scope creep in the following way - 1. Prepare clear documentation about the project scope 2. Following proper change management 3. Giving prior intimation about the effects of the changes to the associated parties 4. Keeping proper documentation of the new requirements in the project log 5. Refrain from adding extra features to the existing functionalities
Q.12 Which type of analytics, supports human decisions with visual analytics the user models to reflect reasoning
Q.13 Two common wildcard characters that MS-Excel recognizes are _________.
* and
Q.14 What does SUMIF function of MS-Excel do
Adds up cell values based on a condition
Q.15 Which MS-Excel function converts miles to kilometers, kilograms to pounds, and so on
Q.16 Except for the _________ function, a formula in MS-Excel with a logical function shows the word “TRUE” or “FALSE” as a result
Q.17 A MS-Excel function inside another function is called a _________ function.
Q.18 While using a pivot table in Excel, the _____ area is where you will drop a field of information to create pages or layers.
Report Filter
Q.19 While using a pivot table in Excel, when you drop information into the "Values" area in the lower-right corner, the default summarization is by summation. Which of the following tools will you use to change the default summarization
Value Field Settings
Q.20 What is the characteristic of best models
accurately reflect relevant characteristics of the real-world object or decision.
Q.21 What is not an benefit of modeling
Modeling delivers needed information on a more timely basis.
Q.22 What is the characteristic of a variable being termed independent
The function value depends upon their values.
Q.23 What define the mean
the statistical or arithmetic average.
Q.24 What is the variance for the following data [ 2 6 8 3 7 9 1 4 ]
Q.25 What is valid for factor affecting variability
Greater variability is found in smaller samples.
Q.26 What is the probability of two letters selected from a batch to both weigh less than 1 gm, if the weight of a package is normally distributed with a mean of 2 gm and a standard deviation of .5 gm
Q.27 What is P(A|B) if the probability of event A is 0.2 and the probability of event B is 0.4 and both the two events are independent.
P(A) = 0.2
Q.28 What is the example when, the main parameter of interest is a population proportion
A binomial experiment
Q.29 Which interval has the range with 68% of the values of an histogram , if for 500 random samples of size n=900 are taken from a large population in which 10% are left-handed. The proportion of the sample that is left-handed is found for each sample and a histogram of these 500 proportions is drawn.
.1 ± .010
Q.30 What of the following refers to 95% confidence interval of a 20% absentee rate in a department with 30 people
6% to 34%
Q.31 What is the F ratio under one-way ANOVA experiment for mean square between treatments being 4 and mean square for error term being 2
Q.32 What is the purpose of a simple linear regression?
To predict scores on a dependent variable from scores on a single independent variable
Q.33 Which of these points reflect the assumption of multicollinearity?
The relationship between your independent variables must not be above r = 0.7
Q.34 Which type of analytics, gain insight from historical data with reporting, scorecards, clustering etc.
Q.35 The auto calculate feature of MS-Excel _________.
Provides a quick way to view the results of an arithmetic operation on a range of cells
Q.36 The LEN function of MS-Excel does what
Counts the numbers of characters in a cell
Q.37 You can use the formula palette in MS-Excel to _________.
create and edit formulas containing functions
Q.38 Using the F11 shortcut key to create a chart on chart sheet in MS-Excel creates _________.
A 2-dimensional column chart
Q.39 The essence of decision analysis is
choosing the best course of action among alternatives.
Q.40 What is the characteristic of measures of central tendency
descriptive statistics that identify the best single value for representing a set of data.
Q.41 What is the range for the following data -- [ 12 23 34 54 21 8 9 67 ]
Q.42 What according to you are the steps required to develop a product from an idea?
The interview by asking this question wants to check our overall understanding and capability to analyse a situation and give output. Sample Answer - As a Business Analyst we are required to perform - 1. Market Analysis 2. Competitor Analysis 3. SWOT Analysis 4. Personas 5. Strategic Vision and Feature Set Thereafter we must prioritize the features, use cases, develop SDLC, Storyboards, Test Cases, and monitor scalability.
Q.43 What is the standard deviation for a process giving nonconformities as per Poisson distribution with the mean of the nonconformities is 25
Q.44 Have you used Kano Analysis in your prior jobs and how do you define it?
In case you have experience then you must state your answer with a real-time example but if you are a fresher then you must clearly tell the interviewer and clearly define it application that you have studied . Sample Answer - Yes, I have used Kano Analysis in of my previous profile. Kano Analysis is primarily used to analyse a system in terms of its requirements to identify its impact on customers' satisfaction. Kano Analysis has 3 key areas - Unexpected Delighters, Performance Attributes and Must Have Attributes.
Q.45 As the value of r gets smaller and smaller, my prediction for Y
gets closer to the mean of Y.
Q.46 What is your suggestion to make an effective use-case model?
You must provide inputs and suggestion relevant to make an effective use case model this will help the interviewer to make their final decisions. Sample Answer - Yes, I do have suggestions to make an effective use-case model. In my view we should make two separate diagrams such that one serves as a use-case, and the other serves as an actor diagram. In this way we can highlight all the possible activities in a use case and in actor diagram and thereafter we can merge both the diagrams to get an effective use-case diagram.
Q.47 The regression equation for predicting number of speeding tickets (Y) from information about driver age (X) is Y = -.065(X) + 5.57. How many tickets would you predict for a twenty-year-old?
Q.48 What is your take on handling frequently changing customers' requirements while developing any system?
Being a business analyst, I would develop a document that clearly states that no changes will be incorporated after a defined period of time and then get it signed by the user. This makes things simpler and helps build a harmonious situation.
Q.49 What is the purpose of a multiple regression?
To predict scores on a dependent variable from scores on multiple independent variables
Q.50 How could you differentiate between a requirement that is considered as good?
We can use the SMART rule to identify whether a requirement is good or not. S - Specific – Description of a requirement should be perfect and specific to understand it. M - Measurable – Using various parameters through which the requirement’s success can be measured. A - Attainable – Resources should be able to achieve success with the requirement. R - Relevant – Requirement states the results that are realistically achieved. T - Timely – Requirements of a project must be revealed in time
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