Scrum Methodology

Scrum is an agile methodology for project management. Scrum and software development work together to create better results, faster. Looking for a job role in project management then you must checkout these interview questions, these can help you to lend a job.

Q.1 Name the three Amigos in Scrum?
The three Amigos in scrum are namely – Product Owner, Scrum Master and Scrum Team.
Q.2 Describe the ceremonies you perform in scrum?
The three major ceremonies performed in Scrum are -
1. Planning Meeting – In the first step, the entire scrum teams along with the scrum master and product owner meets and discuss each item from the product backlog that they can work on the sprint. When the story is estimated and is well understood by the team, the story then moves into the Sprint Backlog.
2. Review Meeting – In the second step, the scrum team demonstrates their work done to the stake holders
Retrospective meeting – In the third step, the scrum teams along with the scrum master and product owner meets and retrospect the last sprint they worked on. Such that they discuss about 3 things -
What went well?
What could be done better?
Action Items
Q.3 Describe the various artifacts in scrum?
Primarily there are two artifacts that are maintained in Scrum -
1. Product Backlog – It contains the prioritized list of business requirements.
2. Sprint Backlog – It contains the user stories to be done by the scrum team for a sprint.
Q.4 Define the roles of a Scrum Master and Product owner?
Some of the primarily roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master and Product Owner are -
Scrum Master – Scrum Master acts as a servant leader for the scrum team. He presides over all the scrum ceremonies and coaches the team to understand and implement scrum values and principals.
Product Owner – Product Owner is the Point of contact for a scrum team. The product owner is the one who work closest to the business. The primary responsibility of a product owner is to identify and refine the product backlog items.
Q.5 How will you measure the complexity/effort in a sprint?
We can measure complexity and effort through “Story Points”. I would recommend to use Fibonacci series to represent complexity and effort in Scrum.
Q.6 What do you understand by sprint review and retrospective?
During Sprint review we walkthrough and demonstrate the feature or story implemented by the scrum team to the stake holders.
On the other hand, during retrospective, we try to identify in a collaborative way what went well, what could be done better and action items to have continuous improvement.
Q.7 Can scrum be implemented in all the software development process?
Primarily scrum be implemented for -
1. Complex kind of project
2. Projects which have early and strict deadlines.
3. When we are developing any software from scratch.
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