Working with Smart Tags and Designers

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Working with Smart Tags and Designers
The more sophisticated ASP.NET controls, such as the GridView control, include designers. Designers are wizardlike functions that help you configure the control by making choices. Many of the designers appear on special Tasks menus that you reach by using a Smart Tag. A Smart Tag is a shortcut panel that pops up next to an ASP.NET control at design-time.

The smart tag is that little elusive box that gives you options about how to refactor code in certain ways. It’s the box that can be opened to add a using statement to the top of your code when you enter a class name that is in a namespace not already in your using statements.

ASP.NET includes enhanced support for creating designers for Web server controls. Designers enable you to build a design-time user interface (UI) for a control, so that developers can configure your control’s properties and content in a visual design tool such as Visual Studio. For background information about the design-time architecture and features provided by the .NET Framework.

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