What is DevOps Testing

Although there are subtle differences between Agile and DevOps Testing, those working with Agile will find DevOps a little more familiar to work with (and eventually adopt). While Agile principles are applied successfully in the development & QA iterations, it is a different story altogether (and often a bone of contention) on the operations side. DevOps proposes to rectify this gap.

Now, instead of Continuous Integration, DevOps involves “Continuous Development”, where the code was written and committed to Version Control, will be built, deployed, tested and installed on the Production environment that is ready to be consumed by the end-user.

This process helps everyone in the entire chain since environments and processes are standardized. Every action in the chain is automated. It also gives freedom to all the stakeholders to concentrate their efforts on designing and coding a high-quality deliverable rather than worrying about the various building, operations, and QA processes.

It brings down the time-to-live drastically to about 3-4 hours, from the time code is written and committed, to deployment on production for end-user consumption.

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