Certified WebLOAD Testing Professional


1.1 About WebLOAD IDE
1.2 The User Flow
1.3 Agenda Creation

2. Test Preparation

2.1 Before You Begin
2.2 Clearing the Cache and Cookies in Your Browser
2.3 Configuring the Proxy Value for Your Browser

3. Agenda

3.1 Creating an Agenda
3.2 Viewing Your Agenda
3.3 Editing Your Agenda
3.4 Running and Debugging Your Agenda

4. Recording Agendas

4.1 About Recording Agendas with WebLOAD IDE
4.2 Starting WebLOAD IDE
4.3 Recording an Agenda
4.4 Viewing the Recorded Agenda
4.5 Performing Script Regeneration
4.6 Saving an Agenda
4.7 Saving Additional Project Information
4.8 Recording Desktop Web Applications

5. Editing Agendas

5.1 About Editing Agendas with WebLOAD IDE
5.2 Editing an Agenda in the Agenda Tree
5.3 Editing an Agenda in the JavaScript View Pane
5.4 Editing your Agenda Using the WebLOAD IDE Toolbox Set
5.5 Working with JavaScript Files

6. Correlating Agendas

6.1 About Correlating Agendas with WebLOAD IDE
6.2 Performing Correlation
6.3 Automatic Discovery of Correlation Rules
6.4 Approving the Correlation Engine Rules
6.5 Configuring the Correlation Rules
6.6 Session Management

7. Running and Debugging Agendas

7.1 About Running and Debugging Agendas with WebLOAD IDE
7.2 Running an Agenda
7.3 Debugging Agendas
7.4 Viewing and Analyzing the Test Results
7.5 Using the Execution Tree to View Results
7.6 Validating Responses
7.7 Comparing an Agenda Recording to its Playback
7.8 Editing an Agenda for Dynamic HTML Pages

8. Configuring the WebLOAD IDE Options

8.1 Configuring the Default and Current Project Options
8.2 Configuring the Recording and Script Generation Options
8.3 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
8.4 Configuring the Parameterization Manager

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