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Appium enables searching using UiSelectors. UiScrollable is also supported. Note that the index selector is unreliable so prefer instance instead. The following examples are written against the api demos apk using Ruby.

Find the first textview.

# ruby

first_textview = find_element(:uiautomator, ‘new UiSelector().className(“android.widget.TextView”).instance(0)’);

Find the first element by text.

# ruby

first_text = find_element(:uiautomator, ‘new UiSelector().text(“Animation”)’)

first_text.text # “Animation”

Find the first scrollable element, then find a TextView with the text “Tabs”. The “Tabs” element will be scrolled into view.

# ruby

element = find_element(:uiautomator, ‘new UiScrollable(new UiSelector().scrollable(true).instance(0)).getChildByText(new UiSelector().className(“android.widget.TextView”), “Tabs”)’)

As a special case, scrollIntoView returns the element that is scrolled into view. scrollIntoView allows scrolling to any UiSelector.

# ruby

element = find_element(:uiautomator, ‘new UiScrollable(new UiSelector().scrollable(true).instance(0)).scrollIntoView(new UiSelector().text(“WebView”).instance(0));’)

element.text # “WebView”

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