Troubleshoot Hard Disk

Installation Errors

  • BIOS setup does not recognize a newly installed hard drive, check the following:
  • BIOS should be configured for auto detection.
  • If needed jumpers on the drive be set correctly for master or slave configuration
  • Power and data cable should be properly connected. Check for loose ends.
  • Use drive manual, internet or use disk diagnostic software.

Hardware problems usually show up at POST, unless there is physical damage to an area of the hard drive that is not accessed during POST. If BIOS cannot read the partition table then PC gives an error message “Invalid drive or drive specification” so boot from any bootable CD or DVD and check the partition table. Bad sectors are parts of disk which the read/write head is unable to read or write. Replace the drive soon and use chkdsk command to search for and recover data from bad sectors.

Hard drive is inaccessible  if any hardware problem comes up then BIOS cannot find a hard drive at POST and display error message like Hard drive not found, Fixed disk error, or Invalid boot disk. It could also be due to the drive, the data cable or the motherboard or a loose connection.

  • Remove and reattach all drive cables. Check for correct pin-1 orientation.
  • Check the jumper settings on the drive.
  • Inspect the drive for damage, such as bent pins on the connection for the cable.
  • Check if drive is spinning by listening to it or lightly touching the metal drive (in power on).
  • Set CMOS to default settings to check BIOS setup for errors
  • Try booting from bootable DVD or CD.
  • Use a boot CD with hard drive diagnostic software to check and remove errors.
  • Reconnect or swap the drive data cable, disk drive and disk connector on motherboard.
  • Make frequent backups
Install Hard Disk
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