The Related Party Issue

Without related party disclosures, there is a general presumption that transactions reflected in financial statements are consummated on an arm’s-length basis between independent parties. However, that presumption may not be valid when related party relationships exist because related parties may enter into transactions which unrelated parties would not enter into. Also, transactions between related parties may not be effected at the same terms and conditions as between unrelated parties.

The operating results and financial position of an enterprise may be affected by a related party relationship even if related party transactions do not occur. The mere existence of the relationship may be sufficient to affect the transactions of the reporting enterprise with other parties.

In view of the aforesaid, the resulting accounting measures may not represent what they usually would be expected to represent. Thus, a related party relationship could have an effect on the financial position and operating results of the reporting enterprise.

Accounting Standards Interpretation (ASI)21

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