Test Framework

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Define Test Framework

Projects tend to accumulate large numbers of tests, over a period of time. As the total number of tests increases, it becomes harder to make changes to the code base. A single “simple” change may cause numerous tests to fail, even though the application still works properly. Some of the design patterns and strategies used before with WebDriver to help making tests easier to write and maintain.

  • Domain-Driven Design: Express your tests in the language of the end-user of the app.
  • Page Objects: A simple abstraction of the UI of your web app.
  • Loadable Component: Modeling Page Objects as components.
  • Bot Style Tests: Using a command-based approach to automating tests, rather than the object-based approach that Page Objects encourage
  • Acceptance Tests: Use coarse-grained UI tests to help structure development work.
  • Regression Tests: Collect the actions of multiple Acceptance Tests into one place for ease of maintenance.

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