Termite Protection

Termite or ‘white ant’ infestations treatment and prevention in homes. Do you have termites in or around your home?

Many insects are confused with termites, especially ants. Termites are sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’ because of their pale appearance. Termites cause considerable damage to wood works and furnishings. Termite treatment is essential for protection against termites.

Pre Construction Treatment

  • Site preparation – Removal of stumps, roots, logs, waste wood and other fibrous matter from the soil in the construction site. Chemicals such as DDT, BHC, Aldrin, Heptachlor, Chlordane, etc may be used.
  • Soil treatment – Applying chemical treatment to the soil is the most reliable and effective method to counter termites. Chemicals such as Aldrin, Heptachlor, Chlordane, etc. may be utilised.
  • Physical structural barriers – Concrete layer or a sheet of metal may be used to provide a continuous impenetrable structural barrier at the plinth level of the building.

Post Construction Treatment

These treatment methods are utilised to treat a building or a structure that is under severe termite attack after the construction of the building has been completed. It is very vital to know that most termites that venture into the building maintain contact with the nest by the means of tubes, tunnels, etc. This knowledge is effectively used to destroy these termites. First the point of contact of the termites with the structure is determined, these may either be at the ends of columns, slabs, foundations or any other structure primarily consisting of wood in their construction. Then an anti termite emulsion made from the above mentioned chemicals is then injected into these tunnels to kill the termite. In case of very severe damage the entire soil surrounding the building is injected with the anti termite emulsion.

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