Selected Explanatory Notes

An enterprise should include the following information, as a minimum, in the notes to its interim financial statements, if material and if not disclosed elsewhere in the interim financial report:

  • A statement that the same accounting policies are followed in the interim financial statements as those followed in the most recent annual financial statements or, if those policies have been changed, a description of the nature and effect of the change.
  • Explanatory comments about the seasonality of interim operations.
  • The nature and amount of items affecting assets, liabilities, equity, net income, or cash flows that are unusual because of their nature, size, or incidence as per AS 5.
  • The nature and amount of changes in estimates of amounts reported in prior interim periods of the current financial year or changes in estimates of amounts reported in prior financial years, if those changes have a material effect in the current interim period.
  • Issuances, buy-backs, repayments and restructuring of debt, equity and potential equity shares.
  • Dividends, aggregate or per share (in absolute or percentage terms), separately for equity shares and other shares.
  • Segment revenue, segment capital employed (segment assets minus segment liabilities) and segment result for business segments or geographical segments, whichever is the enterprise’s primary basis of segment reporting (disclosure of segment information is required in an enterprise’s interim financial report only if the enterprise is required, in terms of AS 17, Segment Reporting, to disclose segment information in its annual financial statements).
  • The effect of changes in the composition of the enterprise during the interim period, such as amalgamations, acquisition or disposal of subsidiaries and long-term investments, restructurings, and discontinuing operations and
  • Material changes in contingent liabilities since the last annual balance sheet date.

The above information should normally be reported on a financial year-to-date basis.

However, the enterprise should also disclose any events or transactions that are material to an understanding of the current interim period.

Interim Financial Reporting
Periods for which Interim Financial Statements are required to be presented

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