Primary Reporting Format

An enterprise should disclose the following for each reportable segment:

  • Segment revenue, classified into segment revenue from sales to external customers and segment revenue from transactions with other segments;
  • Segment result;
  • Total carrying amount of segment assets;
  • Total amount of segment liabilities;
  • Total cost incurred during the period to acquire segment assets that are expected to be used during more than one period (tangible and intangible fixed assets);
  • Total amount of expense included in the segment result for depreciation and amortisation in respect of segment assets for the period; and
  • Total amount of significant non-cash expenses, other than depreciation and amortisation in respect of segment assets, that were included in segment expense and, therefore, deducted in measuring segment result.

An enterprise is encouraged, but not required, to disclose the nature and amount of any items of segment revenue and segment expense that are of such size, nature, or incidence that their disclosure is relevant to explain the performance of the segment for the period.

AS 3 recommends that an enterprise present a cash flow statement that separately reports cash flows from operating, investing and financing activities. Disclosure of information regarding operating, investing and financing cash flows of each reportable segment is relevant to understanding the enterprise’s overall financial position, liquidity, and cash flows.

Disclosure of segment cash flow is, therefore, encouraged, though not required. An enterprise that provides segment cash flow disclosures need not disclose depreciation and amortisation expense and non-cash expenses.

An enterprise should present reconciliation between the information disclosed for reportable segments and the aggregated information in the enterprise financial statements. In presenting the reconciliation, segment revenue should be reconciled to enterprise revenue; segment result should be reconciled to enterprise net profit or loss; segment assets should be reconciled to enterprise assets; and segment liabilities should be reconciled to enterprise liabilities.

Segment Accounting Policies
Secondary Segment Information

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