Precompile If You are Code Shy

Precompile If You are Code Shy

Precompiling an ASP.NET application can be a good option if you are “code shy” and don’t feel comfortable deploying code directly to a server. Precompiling allows you to compile your application into an assembly before deploying it, which can make it easier to deploy and manage.

To precompile an ASP.NET application, you can use the ASP.NET Compilation tool (aspnet_compiler.exe). This tool will compile your application into a single assembly, which you can then deploy to your server.

Here are the basic steps to precompile an ASP.NET application:

Open a command prompt and navigate to the root directory of your application.

Run the aspnet_compiler.exe tool, passing in the source and destination directories:

aspnet_compiler.exe -p [source directory] -v / [destination directory]

For example:

aspnet_compiler.exe -p C:\MyApp -v / MyCompiledApp

This will compile the application in the C:\MyApp directory and output the compiled files to the MyCompiledApp directory.

Deploy the compiled files to your server.

Note that precompiling an ASP.NET application can have some drawbacks. For example, if you need to make changes to the application after it has been precompiled, you will need to recompile and redeploy the entire application. Additionally, precompiling can make it more difficult to debug issues in the application, since the code is not available in its original form. Overall, precompiling can be a good option if you are deploying an application that is unlikely to change frequently and you want to simplify the deployment process.

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