Touch ID on iOS

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Learning about Touch ID on iOS

In general, Touch ID is known for allowing a user to authenticate to and unlock their device without entering a passcode. Further, Touch ID  on iOS is an electronic fingerprint recognition feature, designed and released by Apple inc, that permits the users to unlock Apple devices, and also make purchases in the various Apple digital media stores.

Touch id in mobile testing

Touch id in mobile testing

Appium has the capability to simulate Touch ID on iOS Simulators.Further, TouchID simulation is only supported in iOS Simulators. Therefore, it is not possible to simulate touchId on real devices. Also, not all iOS devices have touchId so your tests should handle the case where touchId is not supported.

Process of Configuration to use TouchID on iOS

Further, to use touchId, the application that Appium launches from Terminal, AppiumDesktop, or iTerm must be added to the accessibility preferences on your Mac. For configuring TouchID you should Navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility and under Allow the apps below to control your computer add the application. Appium can enable enrollment and toggling of Touch ID by using system-level accessibility APIs to simulate mouse clicks on the Simulator menus via AppleScript. Moreover, this feature requires that you give Appium’s running context access to these accessibility APIs).

How to use TouchID on iOS?

  • First, set the desired capability allowTouchIdEnroll to true.
  • Second, when the Simulator starts, touch id enrollment will be enabled by default.
  • Lastly, you can toggle touchId enrollment by calling the client method associated with the endpoint /session/:sessionId/appium/simulator/toggle_touch_id_enrollment

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