iOS Pasteboard

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iOS Pasteboard

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We will be learning about iOS Pasteboard with different types of functions involved. Also, there is a possibility in Appium to set the content of the iOS Simulator pasteboard and read the content from there, if needed. Therefore, each Simulator maintains its own pasteboard. Such that, this feature is only available since Xcode SDK 8.1. But, unfortunately, real devices don’t provide such features.

iOS Pasteboard – mobile: setPasteboard

This command sets the content of Simulator’s pasteboard to the particular string provided as an argument. Also, it is possible to customize the encoding of the given string.

Supported arguments

  • content: The content of the pasteboard. The previous content is going to be overridden. The parameter is mandatory
  • encoding: Encoding of the given content. UTF-8 by default.

Usage examples

// Java

JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;

Map<String, Object> args = new HashMap<>();

args.put(“content”, new String(Files.readAllBytes(new File(“/etc/passwd”).toPath()), Charset.forName(“latin-1”)));

js.executeScript(“mobile: setPasteboard”, args);

mobile: getPasteboard

This command is used to get the current content of Simulator’s pasteboard as a string. Also, it is possible to customize the encoding of the received string.

Supported arguments

  • encoding: Encoding of the received pasteboard content. UTF-8 by default.

Usage examples

# Python

content = driver.execute_script(‘mobile: getPasteboard’, {‘encoding’: ‘shift-jis’});


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