Introducing the AJAX Control Toolkit

Introducing the AJAX Control Toolkit

The AJAX Control Toolkit is a free, open-source library of ASP.NET AJAX extensions and controls that enhance the functionality and user interface of ASP.NET web applications. It provides a set of powerful controls that allow you to add rich, interactive features to your web pages without having to write a lot of JavaScript code.

The AJAX Control Toolkit includes a wide range of controls, such as a calendar control, a masked edit control, a slide show control, a rating control, and many more. These controls are easy to use and integrate with your ASP.NET applications. The toolkit is also extensible, so you can create your own custom controls and extend the existing ones.

To use the AJAX Control Toolkit, you need to download it from the official website and install it on your development machine. Once installed, you can add the toolkit controls to your web pages just like any other ASP.NET controls. The toolkit provides a set of client-side APIs and server-side events that you can use to customize the behavior of the controls and interact with them from your code.

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