Interest, Royalties and Dividends

The use by others of such enterprise resources leads to:

Interest: charges for the use of cash resources or amounts due to the enterprise. Revenue is recognized on a time proportion basis taking into account the amount outstanding and the rate applicable. For example, debenture interest payable on every June 30th and December 31st. On March 31st when books will be closed, though interest has not fallen due but still interest for the period January, February and March will be recognised on time basis.

Royalties: charges for the use of such assets as know-how, patents, trademarks and copyrights. Revenue is recognized on an accrual basis in accordance with the terms of the relevant agreement. If agreement is signed for royalty payable on the basis of the number of copies of the book published, it will be recognised on that basis only.

Dividends: rewards from the holding of investments in shares. Revenue is recognized when the owner’s right to receive payment is established. Unless company declare dividend on the shares, it is not certain. Therefore it is recognised only when directors actually decides to pay dividend to their shareholders.

Sale of Goods
Effect of Uncertainties on Revenue Recognition

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