Guidelines for good lighting

The following pointers may be kept in mind while executing the works of lighting

  • Place openings, windows and skylights in those directions which may ensure clear and bright sunlight for most parts of the day.
  • Ensure openings and light sources at almost all rooms of the house or building.
  • Every section of the task areas of the house need to be illuminated properly. E.g. Kitchens, Study rooms, libraries, washing areas, etc.
  • Ensure that systems of control are present at every opening and light source. Covers, chajjas, curtains, etc. need to be provided to avail greater control over the luminescence required in the room especially if a person needs to sleep during the day.
  • Bedrooms need to be provided with sufficient ambient light.
  • Every bathroom and washing closet requires light sources at places such as near mirrors and fixtures to avoid formation of large shadows.
  • Ample lighting must be ensured to avoid the creation of dark corners and regions which may not be hygienic in the long run and portray a sense of sickness.
  • Do not forget good lighting in basements, attics and crawl spaces.
Calculation of the openings for natural lighting
Different types of lighting arrangements

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