Essential Legal Web Pages

There are various legal issues to be taken care of by a web site and this task is simplified by putting legal pages on the web site which usually are

Privacy Policy

It should be included if the web site that collects any type of information from their customers should have. A privacy policy should cover

  • Use of cookies and other trackers
  • How web site use personal information collected
  • Contact information for erasing private information
  • Information about third-party sites that might collect information (such as advertisers)
  • Editing dates when the document is changed

Copyright Notice

It’s very important to include a copyright notice on all web pages to indicate the details on copyright ownership details.

Terms and Conditions of Use

It illustrates what actions are allowed and disallowed while using the website and usually includes

  • Whether registration is required for posting content
  • The types of user submitted content that is allowed and disallowed
  • Situations where user submitted content would be removed or changed


It is a simplified version of terms and conditions document and used where there is a lot of user submitted content that isn’t moderated by the site owners or where there are a lot of links to external pages.

Patents and Trademarks

If website or company has relevant patents and trademarks, web site should have a page that details them.

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