Design of Services

Design of services involve the same stages as the design of products .It begins with identifying consumer needs and developing a service concept that fulfills the needs. When the Federal Express saw the need for fast, dependable shipping services, they developed a new delivery system that features private ownership, a limited range of services, and a complete pick-up-process delivery cycle that emphasizes convenience and nationwide accessibility detailed design of its services design. Identifying the concept led to and unique processing technologies (including equipment, human resources, and procedures), and continues today with refinement and redesign of services. Although the generic steps may be the same, there are some significant differences between product and service design. Services that do not include physical component do not require the engineering, testing, component analysis, and prototype building of the product design. Further along in service design, the process technology involves different issues and considerations than those for products, primarily because the client or consumers are present in the conversion process.

Process technologies for services are at least as diverse, and perhaps more so, than product process technologies. Services vary in the amount of customer contact and in the intensiveness of labor versus capital. Service process technologies vary accordingly.

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